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    Speakers cutting out.

    I have a 2008 rabbit. It's nothing fancy as far as audio goes from factory. It had the iPod hook up in the air rest and the basic CD player. Anyways , in the last year or so some of the speakers cut in and out and worked intermittent as they please. I figured it was blown speakers. So I...
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    so while im driving at slow speeds, under 10mph to be excact, im hearing a clicking sound come out of the driver front wheel well area? dont know too much about fwd cars, so i was wondering someone could offer any advice as to what i should look at. btw its a 5spd 2.5 if that makes a dif. thanks.
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    pic request

    im looking ofr a pic of someones set up that is 18x9 et 40 with a 215/40/18 im looking to run this on my bunny with 50mm vogtland springs. thx in advance.
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    long island ny!!!

    i just flew in from orlando, and i gotta tell ya, there are a ton of really nice mkvs here. ill see if i can get some pics, maybe some of them are members. i know its random, but its nice to see that!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: cheers jason~
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    wheel question.

    i have 18inch tork revos, and i got an offer that i wouldnt like to refuse for them. the guy wants to put them on his 2000 beetle. i have a mkv rabbit. will the bolt up or would it need adapters? any help would be awesome
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    pic request!

    anyone have a pic of a mkv on vogland 50mm springs (2inch drop) i would like to see the stance, im getting some and will be running 18s with them. thx guys jason~
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    rim and tpms question

    does anyone have 18inch tork revos? or tork revos period? i just picked them up from a forum member here, they are great wheels i love them and think they really set my car off. but my question is, they came off and o6 gti, and to my knowledge they didnt have tpms, or at least this car didnt. i...
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    finally got me some shoes so i think she is worthy of posting up!

    my sage green bunny! the rims are 18inch tork revos. i bought the from a fellow forum member! let me know what u think.
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    lowering question

    ive got and 08 rabbit. i would like to lower it 2 about two inches. im trying not to void my warrenty, cuz its only 2mths old. i went to look at the vw spring and it only offers a 1 inch drop. does anyone know what i can get that will give my two full inchs after settling, and maybe not void the...
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    Hey guys, ive been lurking this site for about two months now, primerly in the photo section. i just bought a 08 sage green rabbit about two months ago. ive always loved vws since i was alil kid, and i decided to pick one up. im a minitrucker from orlando florida and my truck is going in the...