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  1. DeepBlue

    MK5 GTI OEM Part Out | NYC

    Got a few items left over from my old 2008 Mk5 (FSI) GTI which I traded in a few years back. Can provide pics/part #'s, ping me on IM if anyone is interested. OEM K03 Turbo | $100/OBO | Removed by pro shop when car upgraded to K04. Turbo is in very good condition with about 35k miles on it...
  2. DeepBlue

    17's vs 18's Durability

    I know there is a lot of anecdotal info on this topic, but is there anything resembling a consensus in regards to which is more/less likely to be damaged after an encounter with some road imperfections? I am located in NYC/NJ and we have more then our fair share of busted up roads. I've been...
  3. DeepBlue

    TPMS programming

    Looking to get new tires or wheels soon. While I'm at it, I figured it might be a good idea to swap out the old TPMS's given that they are 10yrs old at this point. Would new TPMS's be picked up by the car automatically once they are in close proximity or would they need to be programmed? If so...
  4. DeepBlue

    WTB: Set of Detroit/Huff Wheels + Tires - NY/NJ/LI

    Would prefer wheels with tires but for right price would consider just wheels. Please post or PM me with what you have.
  5. DeepBlue

    I can't believe I still DD a Mk5 GTI...

    Hey Guys, Bought my GTI in 2009 to up-fun my then 1 hour+ commute. Little did I suspect that I will still be driving it 10+ years later. Just to give some perspective, this is about double the duration of my next longest car ownership interval. Unbelievable... Finally at a crossroads... and...
  6. DeepBlue

    Interlagos Rehab Options

    Hey Guys, Overall, my seat covers are in great shape for a 10yo car. But the drivers seat cover has been looking a bit "tired" lately. Although, perfectly clean and whole, it does appear to be a few shades different from the other seats. Thats just age and use. Wondering what others have done...
  7. DeepBlue

    Need One Denver Wheel Around NY/NJ

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I'm looking for one clean/straight 17' Denver rim with no tire and no TPMS around NYC/NJ/LI area. Preferably, withing an hours drive from the city. Need to replace a bent rim and also practice my DYI technique in prep for attempt to convert my existing Denvers to...
  8. DeepBlue

    R32 Long term ownership

    Hey Guys, Long term Mk5 GTI owner here. Going on 10 years... yeah, I have no idea how the hell that happened. Never planned on keeping it that long. Was watching some videos on Youtube other day and came across one with two guys test driving an R32. This kind of reminded me how I always wanted...
  9. DeepBlue

    WTB set of Detroits/Huffs with tires

    Please PM or reply with what you have.
  10. DeepBlue

    Fuel pump not priming - hard cold start

    Been having this cold start issue for a while. Finally got a chance to do some additional troubleshooting. Didn't get very far before realizing that I get no fuel pump priming noise at all when driver's door is opened or when key is turned to on position. Confirmed by removing gas cap and...
  11. DeepBlue

    Possible bad negative battery lead

    I strongly suspect that my negative battery lead needs changing. Reason I say that is due to the fact that I found a ton of acid and corrosion on the connector last year which i cleaned up, it feels rather hard, and car has had trouble with cold starts for ages in one form or another. Is there...
  12. DeepBlue

    Sanity check - Intake

    I've been running a stock airbox with a full APR K04 kit on my car for a couple of years now. I know its kind of ass backwards... but I just never got around to getting an intake, plus I just hate the look of the of the top of the engine minus the engine cover. So, I was talking to the techs at...
  13. DeepBlue

    GTI Heritage

    Came across this really cool video of Carfection doing test drives of all 7 gens of GTI's and wanted to share. _-eF3JNFNLM Enjoy! PS - I'm not affiliated in any way with channel or producers.
  14. DeepBlue


    I'm thinking this might be related to the issue I've been having with rough cold starts documented in this thread which is still work in progress. This is the negative connector. Positive looks fine. My understanding is that a rusted negative connector can cause start issues. I know this...
  15. DeepBlue

    Sell whole or part out?

    Let me start by saying that I love my 08 GTI and have no immediate plans to sell it. When that day finally arrives, I'm wondering if it may be worth taking off some of the more expensive add-ones or just dump it as is recognizing that I will never get any value out of them. Car is pretty...
  16. DeepBlue

    Very hard cold starts

    Started noticing this lately... Car is a 2008 GTI (FSI) with 75k miles. Door is showing open on MFD but I don't hear the fuel pump priming. In all honestly, I am not sure if I ever did. So far the only thing done was a gas filter replacement. My shop took a look and they tell me that its...
  17. DeepBlue

    TPMS compatibility Mk5 <---> Mk6

    Getting some conflicting info on this. Just trying to make sure before I get into some $$. Would TPMS that came off a 2013 Mk6 GTI work on a 2008 Mk5 GTI? If so, what would need to be done in terms of setup? Is it just a matter of plug and play? Mount tires and if no lights come on, all is...
  18. DeepBlue

    Thoughts on DSG software tune?

    So, I've been running APR stage 3 or stage K04, whatever they are calling it for some time now. Overall, I've been pretty happy with what I got and my expectations have been largely met. There have been a few nagging issues that I've had to learn to deal with while driving around with all...
  19. DeepBlue

    Got a bit of a problem...

    Just noticed this earlier today. Would much appreciate if anyone could shed some light on whats happening in this video. Way this started is that I noticed a bit of smoke in rear view mirror hitting WOT while getting on the highway. Nothing unusual, as I've seen a puff of black smoke before...