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  1. RSC17

    Checking in.... *bad news*

    Traded in the R for a more fuel efficient car back in December. Took it awhile to sell off their lot but I just found out yesterday that the kid that bought it didn't even pay the first payment before he smoked it into a wall. It had been sitting in the dealer's boneyard but was picked up two...
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    Official St. Patrick's Day Beer Count Thread

    Count from 12:01am 8
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    FS: (1) stock R32 Omanyt wheel w/ tire

    I have 1 stock Omanyt wheel with a 225/45 Kumho Ecsta all season tire on it. Tire is brand new, never touched the ground besides rolling it around in my garage. These are $500/wheel new with no tire. $200
  4. RSC17

    YUENGLING hits OHIO shelves

    thread worthy :thumbsup:
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    Who plays Gears 3?

    Looking for some people to play....add me up "McDangl3s"
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    WTB: Stock Intake for MKV R32

    Preferably looking for a stock intake for a MKV R32 - I will consider decently priced CAIs as well. Stock intake must come with all hardware. Send me a PM on here or emailing me at would probably work better. Thanks.
  7. RSC17

    Eurojet Catback Exhaust for MKV R32

    Selling my EJ catback exhaust. 2.5" piping - ~20,000 miles on it - $400 shipped Pictures were taken right after the exhaust was taken off the car. IN THE WINTER. The grime and salt came off. Dent on the muffler was there when I received it from the PO. It has no effect on sound or alignment...
  8. RSC17

    FS or FT: Eurojet Catback Exhaust for R32

    I'm looking to go back to stock. I will sell my exhaust for $500 plus shipping pending I find a stock catback exhaust. Also I'll trade for a stock exhaust + $250
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    Spark Plug Question

    So, the service manager I was dealing with said the plugs in the VR6 should be changed every 40,000 miles. Sounds like bullshit to me. Thoughts?
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    Been out of the loop way too long...

    I'm not driving the R much, just trying to complete my Jeep build now. Just wanted to say hey to old people and see how many more newbz are posting in the R forum. I spent most of my time on here since I joined back in 06, so I figured why not come back and see my buddies. :wub: Zev jakrbt...
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    DDM tuning

  12. RSC17

    FS/Feeler: Eurojet R32 Exhaust

    I have a Eurojet R32 exhaust with about 20,000 miles on it. Not sure if I'm going to sell it but I'm definitely thinking about it. I'm just seeing if there is any interest. Let's start at $500. Pickup would be great, I might ship at buyer's expense.
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    WTB: R32 Stock Exhaust

    who has one?
  14. RSC17

    WTB: D2S bulbs

    my regular place must of went out of business and I'm running on one headlight right now. does anybody have a spare set or could tell me another solid place where to buy them? thankssssssa
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    RSC17's YJ Build

    Here's a thread for my other vehicle. Now on to the pictures, I'm in college so this might be a slower build. 2 days after I got it: Minor things came into play at first: - Hella Lighting - Cobra CB - iVault Middle Console Then I got the idea to replace the weak rear "bumpers" with a...
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    Redline Water Wetter

    CLIFF NOTES: DON'T USE THIS EVER Anybody run this in their R or any VW? When I had my 328is, I deleted the engine fan and ran a bottle of this in the cooling system and it stayed cool no problem. This may be a possible fix to the fact that the VR6 motor runs on the warmer side.
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    Before & After: R32 Edition

    Since a lot of the R32's on here have come a long way, post up a picture of when you got it and how it looks now. Then: Now:
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    UT Tuners Car Meets (Northwest Ohio)

    I'd like to post up the link to the University of Toledo's car club (UT Tuners) for another option for enthusiasts in Northwest Ohio. I'm Vice President of the organization and would like to invite all the dubbers in the area to come out to our Thursday meets. This past year has brought a great...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (XBOX360)

    I'm going to start this up. Who has this game? Post up your GT's again and I'll organize a list like COD.
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    FS: K&N Drop-in Filter (R32)

    Went to a cold air setup and am looking to get rid of this. Still in good condition. Used for about 10k. I cleaned and oiled it when I took it out. Pics upon request. $40 OBO