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  1. berndonfat

    Wtt catless Downpipe

    Willing to trade euro customs catless down pipe for stock tsi intake setup or stock exhaust setup. Any questions feel free to ask. Life,business,relationship advice. Just ask
  2. berndonfat

    WTT BSH race intake/ oem exhaust TSI

    willing to trade my bsh race intake plus my stock exhaust with resonator delete for your stock TSI intake setup and oem exhaust. im going back to stock completely to keep my car immaculate as hail. Im willing to do all the work and maybe put a little money on top for the trade to compensate...
  3. berndonfat

    How Do i make razkekar?

    how do i make car fast like cheetah and corner like boomerang thrown by aborigine?
  4. berndonfat

    Official Crash the 8thcivic Tail of the Dragon meetup.

    so anywho... im going with the 8thcivic, possibly 9thcivic crowd to the dragon even though i no longer have an si. The event is in september from 9-12 for the 8th and maybe the weekend after for the 9th crowd. Possibly trying to recruit some fellow brethren to invade the get together. usually a...
  5. berndonfat

    NC RDU area/ WTB stock wheels $$

    looking to buy some stock classix or huffs for 200 or less. need some wheels to throw my rcomps on. i can drive up to an hour to meet anyone.
  6. berndonfat

    Official GSTOCK autox thread

    OK guys lets pool together some knowledge on the GTI in stock class. I know tons of people have their car way over prepped for such a class but some of us do like the idea of trouncing people in a stock car. My Previous car and setup 2009 Civic SI sedan 245/45/17 Star specs stock wheels...
  7. berndonfat


    Im looking to either buy a stock mkv gti exhaust in NC for 40 bucks or trade my stock exhaust with the resonator delete straight up. sounds good i like it. but the GF is not amused. so it needs to go back to stealth mode.