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    S3/Cupra front wishbone rear bushes part no?

    Does anyone know the TT/Cupra/S3 front wishbone rear bushing's part number? In the attached image I'm looking to replace no. 2. I already got the no. 1's in order as Powerflex's polyuretane bushes and would like to uprate the rear bushes as well, but not to rock-hard polyuretane ones.
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    VW to join WRC with Polo R

    Autoblog From the article: "The all-wheel-drive Polo R WRC will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, which Volkswagen expects will produce around 300 horsepower. Volkswagen Motorsport has high hopes for its WRC Polo, and hopefully the team can draw on the success that VW experienced...
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    VCDS Readiness test: Oxygen sensor fail

    My G83 sensor failed (coolant temperature sensor on the radiator output line) and after checking where the sensor itself was I took it in to get it changed. Anyways, after getting it done and clearing the codes I conducted the readiness test with my VCDS...
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    Oil coming out of blow off?

    I recently changed my subframe bolts to the Passat ones to stop it from making noise and while I was under the car I noticed that my Forge DV replacement and it's control module were covered in oil. Judging from the spray pattern it was coming out of the blow-off spacer and there was enough of...
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    Gas tank return air valve?

    My gas tank's return air valve seems to be malfunctioning. I haven't run into problems of feeding the engine yet, but after a drive I can hear the gas tank creaking from contraction since the air pressure in the tank has severely dropped; gas goes out but air to replace the lost volume doesn't...