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    Forum support (mods)

    I tried to find a help link or a mod but no luck, so I'm just posting here. Sorry! I signed up for a GolfMk7 account on Tapatalk but I can't log into the forum with a regular browser. I tried resetting my password but I'm not getting the reset email (I checked junk mail) Any ideas?
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    My 2008 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro

    Just traded the R for a 2008 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro. I already sort of miss having a hot hatch, but have no regrets. Six speed manual, 300 lbs. lighter than the R32, and just looks incredible from the inside/out :cool: Here are some dealer pics: I picked it up with just...
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    FS: MkV Goodies **CLICK ME!!!**

    Too much stuff to fit in one title, and I don't want to clog up the forum with 10 different threads. So, here's what's up for grabs: US Spec [R32] Darkened Taillights, SOLD! Brand New, Never Opened VW OEM Bluetooth Kit (Volk-L), SOLD! Smoked Mirror Turn Signals, SOLD! Blue Tined...
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    FS: JL Audio Stealthbox® + JL Audio 500/1v2 Mono Amplifier

    SOLD! This system really speaks for itself. It's a perfect balance of form, function and practicality. It fits perfectly in your hatch, and provides the great performance that you'd expect from JL Audio. Unfortunately, the enclosure will not fit in my new car, so my loss is your gain. The...
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    FS: H&R Street Performance Coilovers for MkV R32

    SOLD! Up for grabs is a lightly used set of H&R Street Performance Coilovers. They have less than 10k miles and have ridden great since day one. Unfortunately, the application does not match my new car, so my loss is your gain. They were professionally installed and uninstalled by local...
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    Fahrenheit GTI spotted in South Beach + more Supercars

    Do want. Fahrenheit LP640 :biggrin: :drool: Alpina B7 :bow:
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    R32 vs. 335i **VIDEO**

    R32 wins! :biggrin:
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    South Beach Supercars [and my R32]

    Best car wash :cool: :eyebulge: Photos courtesy of Carlos. Check out more of his work on his Flickr page.
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    It's finally settled. DSG vs. Manual. Reminds me a lot of the DSG vs. manual debates on here :bellyroll:
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    R32 vs. Shelby Cobra [Replica?] vs. Harley Davidson

    The three of us were side-by-side at a light and the Shelby and Harley are just revving at eachother back and forth. I rev back at them and they had to do a double-take before they realized that that noise was coming out of VW hatchback :bellyroll: The driver in the Shelby gives the thumbs up...
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    Rabbit makes Forbes' Top 10 Family Cars

    I guess :iono: The article lists the 2009 MSRP as $18,990. That can't be right. I know the US dollar is shit right now, but that's a ridiculous price-hike; wasn't it $17k for 2008MY? LINK:
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    VW Nascar, GTI vs. R32

    They also run against an old Saturn, [annoying] Civic hatch and a pick-up truck. Funny match-ups, but entertaining nonetheless :bellyroll: (credit to c0peXXX from Vortex)
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    Who says FWD is good for nothing? :bellyroll:
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    2 of 6200 [Fahrenheit + .:R Photoshoot]

    Just took a quick rooftop photoshoot in Coral Springs last night with Andy (mreuro). More coming...
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    R32 makes Jeremy Clarkson's Top 25

    This didn't get much attention in the Media thread (not even a :clap:) so I thought it would be more appreciated in this forum. Here's a list of the best cars Clarkson has driven since 2003. The R32 made the cut, and with a 5-star rating :bow: ---------------------------- Rating Verdict...
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    Jeremy Clarkson's Greatest Hits (Top 25)

    Here's a list of the best cars Clarkson has driven since 2003. The R32 made the cut, and with a 5-star rating :bow: ---------------------------- Rating Verdict A hole in one I’ll cut straight to the chase: the R32 is a fabulous car, but it doesn’t shout about it. Apart from a bit of...
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    So, to answer your question, this is why we didn't buy an Evo...

    :lol: Link to story:
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    Spotted: Ghostbusters' Ecto 1 @ Best Buy Corporate Campus

    I'm leaving work and I see the real Ecto 1 sitting outside (way unexpected). I guess they were promoting the new Ghostbusters video game or something. Spot anything in the background? :cool: ... Speak up if you're the owner :thumbup:
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    Miami >>>>>>>>> your city ***PICS***

    YOU GUYS RAPED MY BANDWIDTH :frown: (will rehost later)