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  1. fd2black

    FS: Vibrant Resonator (RI)

    Vibrant resonator #1792 for sale. 2.5" inlet and outlet. Purchased it to reduce drone on my MKV, but ended up trading in the car. It's brand new, still in the packaging. Looking to get $40+ shipping OBO. PM me if you are interested.
  2. fd2black

    Very Small Partout: MK5 GTI (Rhode Island)

    Have a few leftover parts from my MK5 GTI that was traded in over the weekend. Located in Kent County, RI. Will update later with pictures. (1) Detroit Rim, Good condition, straight, no bends, TPMS included - $100 MANN Fuel Filter, BNIB, 1K0201051K - $20 Standard Headlight Switch - $15 OEM...
  3. fd2black

    WTB: Detroit/Huff Wheel (RI)

    This may be a long shot, but I am looking for somebody interested in selling just 1 Detroit or Huff wheel. I messed one of my Detroits up pretty good on a pothole this winter and looking for a replacement. Located in Rhode Island, but willing to pay shipping if need be. Thanks!
  4. fd2black

    Tail light bulb holder

    I am not sure why I am having so much trouble finding this, but I am looking to see if anybody knows the part number for the tail light bulb holders? My drivers side outer tail light is collecting water, and I'd like to replace the bulb holder with the foam gasket. The only part number that I...
  5. fd2black

    Grille assembly diagram

    Does anybody have the parts diagram for the grille assembly on a MK5 GTI? I ordered a new grille, and noticed that my current one is missing a couple of the screws, as well as the metal tabs at the bottom of the grille. Anyone know these part numbers by any chance? Thanks!
  6. fd2black

    Headlight glare

    Hey guys, I am sure this has been discussed before, and I did find some threads on this but I had some more questions. I have the stock Xenon headlights in my GTI, and the dealer put new bulbs in it when I first purchased it. This was a couple months ago. Now the driver's side headlight bulb...
  7. fd2black

    Engine skipping

    Hey all. I know there is probably a million threads like this. But every case is different. Here's the story So a few of days ago I was on the highway and noticed around 75-80 mph the car had a slight skip. It felt like a slight hesitation. Now I am not sure if this is a misfire or not, and I...
  8. fd2black

    AUX not working

    Hey guys. Tried to search for this but couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for. I took my car in to the dealership last week to get the factory radio replaced because of a hardware error (wouldn't play cd's). They replaced the radio with the correct one, silver buttons, but now the...
  9. fd2black

    FS: Red Stitched Shift Boot