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    I rode in a Ferrari F50 today...

    Why is this GTI related? He came in to check one out! This guy was pretty cool. He just moved to SF and was using the F50 as his daily driver (he also has an imported Lancia Delta). The ride is pretty rough because our roads suck so he wanted something a lot simpler and easier on the back...
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    Broken window... quick patch ideas?

    Got a nice surprise this morning going out to my car. My car (2008 GTI 2DR) got vandalized last night and the window was broken. This happens a few times a year, and I'll be getting a new window put in at the end of the week. The problem is I'm taking a road trip tomorrow to Lake Tahoe. It's a...
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    FS: 2006 CW GTI 2DR 6MT... 22000 miles

    Long story short, I sold my Dad this car off of our lot. He retired and moved to Europe and was planning to bring the car with him. Now we find out how much it actually costs to bring a car over there and it's not worth it. Car is in the Bay Area but I can arrange shipping anywhere in the U.S...
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    Hancock spoiler thread

    1st half... excellent 2nd half... fail Once they got into the history of hancock and charlize theron the movie began to suck more and more. Before that it was hilarious!
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    09 Jetta TDI is here!

    Our Demo model just got here today. Just got back from taking it for a drive... It's AWESOME!!! They actually put a DSG in the thing, and it mates really well with the TDI engine. It pulls hard and doesn't really lose power in higher revs like the older ones did. I just took it aroudn the block...
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    Bay Area Drag day!

    Wednesday night drags is on for Infineon this week. Cost is $25 per car for 3 or 4 practice runs + eliminations. I'll be bringing my brand new MKV. Anyone want to come along? BTW for anyone who doesn't know, it IS a 1/4 not an 1/8. Figured some of us could meet up beforehand and ride in...
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    Binky's back in a MKV!

    Dunno if any of you remember, but I had an MX-5 for a while after my first GTI got wrecked. Finally got the bug and traded back up! 2DR UG w/Autobahn + DSG 8 miles on the odo Going to the strip on Wednesday.. anyone in Cali want to come? :bowvw:
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    Iron Man preview...

    Anyone see it? Can't wait!
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    Jet Man!!! I would train a year straight to do this.
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    Reflex banned?

    Just curious why.. if it's private info then i dont care but does anyone know?
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    Resourceful Rednecks...
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    Try this game out... Warning, it's addicting and it WILL piss you off... I'm on level 21 right now. Edit: It will save your progress... so when you come back to the site you can pick up where you left off.
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    Audi RS6 Avant on 5th Gear

    Me wants! He hints at a sedan version which means the U.S. might get a piece of the action....
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    Everyone stalls the rabbit...

    I swear the rabbit is the ONLY car where 9 times out of 10 people can't drive it without stalling it a million times on test drives. Most of them have stick shifts already (VAG products) and pride themselves on it. It just stumps me why it's so difficult. OTOH, I like the MT rabbit a lot. It...
  15. B (anyone remember mIRC?) *NSFW* Top 100 mIRC quotes Some of these are hilarious. Some are stupid too. Haven't used mIRC in like 8 years lol.
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    Audi Driving Experience Feb. 08 I'LL BE THERE!!!

    Finally I've been with VW/Audi long enough to be able to do this. On Feb. 4th at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, I'll be taking an RS4 AND AN R8 on the track! I've never been this pumped about anything in my life (is that sad?)!!!! I'll try to get as many pics and vids as I can and post em up.
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    Border Patrol Game... post your high score!

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    Fear mah Giants!!!

    28-16 over the pats in the 3rd baby! :word: P.S. I live in San Francisco, but was born and raised in NY.
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    The Official YOU GOT OWNED video thread.

    I'll start.
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    4 The Fast 4 The Furious... Yes, it's real. Vin is back!