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  1. avenali312

    Looking for recommendations on a standing desk

    Hey all, How many of you are working at a standing desk (or a standing desk converter that sits on your regular desk and moves up and down)? I've been intrigued lately due to some posture issues and a new found focus on fitness. If you have one you like, please share a link! I have a pretty...
  2. avenali312

    WTB: 32gb of DDR3 RAM (4x8gb)

    Hey all, Some current 3D renders are maxing out my 16gb kit, so I'd like to upgrade (but I don't want to do everything to upgrade to DDR4 haha). With DDR3 being deprecated now, new kits are more expensive than back in the day, so I'm hoping someone has some they'd let go cheap that's just in a...
  3. avenali312

    Metra Axxess XSVI-9003-NAV Wire Harness w/ ASWC Steering Wheel Control Interface

    Tried selling this here once already bundled with my old head unit and no one was interested, so I've resorted to separating the items and posting on eBay. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I haven't had the MKV for almost a year now, so installation...
  4. avenali312

    Cleaning Out the Closet - Random Stuff

    Hey all, Finally got around to getting everything boxed up and sorted from the MKV. It only took about 8 months. Everything is being sold as-is. It was all working fine when pulled from the car. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Shipping within the US only. None of this stuff is...
  5. avenali312

    Surface Rust vs. Perforation

    Hey all, Just looking for some opinions to see if it's worth my time to go to a dealer or not and get this checked. Recently noticed some paint lifting and rust during my pre-winter detail under both of my front fenders on the wheel arch. Seems that this is fairly common to the point where...
  6. avenali312

    Vacuum Pump - Removing Rounded Bolt

    Hey all, I went to check my cam revision and found a nice little surprise. Top two bolts were fine and loosened easily. The third, lower one... not so much. It looks like someone in the past molested this bolt head. It's now essentially just a round hole. I can't even tell if it used to be a...
  7. avenali312

    Cross Reference Request

    Hey all, I'm heading to a junk yard tomorrow and need some help. I'm looking to replace my sunroof glass and found this part number for my car: 1K6877071. Can anyone help me figure out what years/models this was used on? Thanks, Adam
  8. avenali312

    WTB: Sunroof Seal/Gasket

    I just recently found out that this isn't glued on in any way and just snaps on, though it does require the removal of the sunroof to fully take off. Mine is warping like crazy and I don't want to buy an OEM one for close to $100. So, if you've got an extra glass or totaled out vehicle and would...
  9. avenali312

    Clear Coat Bubbling / Paint Warranty Question

    Hey all, Quick question because I keep coming up with contradicting information when I search and talk to dealers. I'm looking for the paint warranty information for a model year 2006 GTI. I have some clear coat starting to bubble and I'm not sure what to do about it. Some things I've read say...
  10. avenali312

    Sunroof Glass Removal

    Hey all, I just wanted to ask this as a confirmation. I've source new sunroof glass to replace my warped and gross looking gasket. I'm actually getting the glass and all cheaper than VW wants for just the gasket. My question is, what's involved in removing just the glass? I shouldn't have to...
  11. avenali312

    Metra Axxess ASWC Question

    Hey all, I tried searching, but I must not be using the right keywords because I can't find anything. I recently installed a new Pioneer head unit using all Metra gear and everything works great. The only problem I'm having is in my MFD. Whenever I go to skip a song using the steering wheel...
  12. avenali312

    In case you have an extra 1.5 mil laying around

    I was poking around Autotrader and searching for cars in Florida and came across this: 2000 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR So, it would seem this is #17 based off the stamp in the photos. According to Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR
  13. avenali312

    What maintenance items do you keep in your car all the time?

    Just curious since my mileage is a little higher and I have a few road trips planned for this summer. Right now, I just have a spare accessory belt and a cheater bar for the lug bolt wrench. I've been thinking about picking up a couple extra coils and plugs and sticking back in the hatch as well.
  14. avenali312

    WTB: 2006 Driver's Front Seat Belt Buckle

    According to ECS and the stamp on my current buckle, the part number is 1K3857755RQVZ. Year of buckle doesn't matter as long as the part numbers line up. ECS shipped to me is $86.46, so if you have anything laying around (I'm looking at you totaled car people and racing seat/harness guys)...
  15. avenali312

    Driver's Seat Removal and Belt Buckle Replacement

    Hey all, I did some searching and think I found all the steps necessary to replace my driver's seat belt buckle due to an airbag light. I had a diagnosis done yesterday and everything points to the buckle and it looks like a fairly straightforward process, so I'm going to attempt it. Here's...
  16. avenali312

    I think it's time... maybe?

    Hey all, I'm putting this here because it's not technically MKV related, well sort of not... I apologize in advance for the vague thread title and if this turns in to a long story haha. I've come to the conclusion that it might be time to pull the trigger on a new car. My current car is a 2006...
  17. avenali312

    Will spacers be worth it?

    I've been struggling with this since I dropped my car (when I say dropped, I mean took my 4x4 to the height of normal MKVs). The car is sitting on stock suspension with the addition of the DriverGear springs. For an 06 like mine, this is a pretty big drop since it sits at about the height of a...
  18. avenali312

    avenali312's Learning His New Camera Thread

    Finally got myself into the entry level DSLR market around Christmas time and picked up a D5200. This is the first photo I'm happy enough with to post. Hopefully, there are more in the future. Thanks for looking!
  19. avenali312

    Frustrating Paint Spot

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. So, over the Thanksgiving break I traveled, leaving my car at the airport for a week. I was parked in a corner spot under a tree, and since this is Florida, I'm assuming near some water sprinklers. I return to find this spot on my hood and for...
  20. avenali312

    Happy Halloween *pumpkin content*

    Hope everyone had a good one. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk