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  1. bon qui qui

    What are you listening to right now??? (Part 2)

    This forum isn't what it used to be.... so I figured I'd bring back an old thread, maybe it will take off like the last one did, maybe it won't.... Link to the original (some OG Names in there :lol: ) It's Thunder and it's...
  2. bon qui qui

    My Build Thread (bags, bbs, BT, ect...)

    First off this is a work in progress, just started this the other day. There is another thread on Vortex that has all the other stuff that's done to the car you can see here. So far I'm doing this all...
  3. bon qui qui

    Golf R Intercooler.

    SOLD OEM Golf R intercooler taken off the car when it was swapped out with the APR unit, has approximately 2,000 miles on it. Here's a cell picture. For Sale by Max Wobbles, on Flickr Looking for $200, willing to ship for additional cost, or drive to meet up. :thumbsup:
  4. bon qui qui

    Golf R Brake Kit

    I've got a pair of front brakes from a Golf R that I was going to run, but after some research they're going to be quiet difficult to run under my 17'' RS's. The brakes have about 1500-2000 miles on them or so, and are pretty much mint. Includes brake lines, calipers, pads, and rotors...
  5. bon qui qui

    FS: MK5/6/A3 Front Struts Airlift SLAM XL

    Hey guys, I'm selling these struts, been on the car since summer or so with no issues. Great ride and lays frame with a notch (of course :biggrin:). Only selling since I just placed an order for the new line of performance struts. These are still on the car, but will be coming off most likely...
  6. bon qui qui

    That new new, sorta... (with a story)

    Been a long time since I've made a thread on here to whore some pictures, so I decided now is as good a time as any. Wheels are OEM SVT Cobra wheels from a 2003 Cobra, 17x9 ET26. These wheels were mine originally when I bought them from some guy with a Mustang last year shortly before H20. Then...
  7. bon qui qui

    FT: 18" Black BBS CO's

    Just picked up a set of black BBS CO's in 18x8 ET44, I was told one wheel is mildly bent, but they all balanced out ok, and I have no vibration issues. Condition of the wheels is probably 8/10 with some mild scratches on the wheels from daily use. Wheels are 57.1 so no hub rings required. Wheel...