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    Do you let your wife drive your VW\Audi?

    My wife drives my GTI and my Miata. No worries....
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    Your Next Volkswagen GTI Could Be A Lot Cheaper

    They need to make the product better. Not cheaper. They need to keep improving. The Golf R should be pumped to 365hp and give the R motor to the GTI. They would be kings for doing that.
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    I disagree, I think jurors would award healthy amounts of dollars to these people. All the attorney has to do is remind them how they'd feel if their Nissan or Toyota odometers had been altered. The dollar amount spent on the car is irrelevant, everyone agrees that getting screwed is getting...
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    The novelty of that truck will fade in less than a month.
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    What he said. It is not uncommon for people here in Minnesota to have the rust bucket winter car and keep the good one in the garage. Buy a used Toyota or Nissan truck or maybe an old Suburban. A new F150 Eco will set you back more than 40k. In fact you don't need a truck. Used Subaru? Rav4...
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    F1 Girls.

    Political correctness at its finest. We should replace the girls with multi-cultural transgender LGBTQ so that no one feels left out.
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    Subaru BRZ tS

    That car had so much promise. It reminded me of the old Datsun 240Z. At 200hp it's just not enough. If it had the turbo of the WRX then it would be a serious contender. Until then it's a good looking car that handles well, but that's it. The dismal sales record of the BRZ/FRS/T86 prove that it...
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    2019 MQB Jetta

    I bought a 1999 VW Jetta TDI. Those cars were cool, they just looked so different than what everyone was doing at the time. The interior was nice, the sound system was pretty good and the general overall feel was that of a more expensive car. Getting 48 mpg on the highway was a bonus. Loved that...
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    if you could own any car besides your mk7...

    Absolutely, 1 of each color please....
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    Expect the Price of Gasoline to Skyrocket

    Thank goodness that I got rid of the Pro 4x Xterra for the GTI then. That thing got 17 on the highway.
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    What music do you listen to??

    Mark Knopfler
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    Apple Conspiracy?

    So true, there are almost zero apps for this phone. You know what, I don't care. email, text, pdf, word, exel, super quick and that huge screen. Then there's the Blackberry Hub, probably the best thought out layout of what a business user interface should be. Then there's BBM, simply the fastest...
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    1) if ever you're involved in a shooting, an over zealous prosecutor can make the argument that you had such a fascination to guns that you showed them off on every forum or social media account that you had at your disposal. It's actually been done. 2) if ever the government decides to...
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    Apple Conspiracy?

    I have a Blackberry Passport Silver Edition. It's made out of one piece aluminum case. Great phone for work, great speakers, superb camera. I'll use that phone till it dies. In anticipation of that, bought another one just in case.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Hate to be a stick in the mud but posting pictures of firearms online is never a good idea for more reasons than I can count.
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    Apple Conspiracy?

    Call me nuts, I use Blackberry. Not good for apps but great for work.
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    IC Engine's Days Numbered?

    We'll all be driving some automated electric Google car in 25 years. We're kinda already there, VW can disable your car remotely at the request of law enforcement.
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    Blurred license plate numbers

    You know what I think is hilarious, when you go on Craigslist and there are 4 photos of the car. One of them has the license plate blurred, the other 3 don't.