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    WHAT THE HELL ??!!

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    Why am i still here ??

    I sold my GTI and got this one but i still come here everyday...don't know the real reason..did i make a mistake by selling the GTI or i just can't take it off my mind ??? this car is far more powerful than the GTI...its 5 litres , 381 PS.....I am going insane and guess i need help ! If i will...
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    12 July 2009-WOW !
  5. sherif65

    12 July 2009-WOW !

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    Sorry GTI ....I fell in love !

    Saw this beauty a week ago...Fell in love.....Sold my GTI and bought it yesterday...Will receive it tomorrow night so will post more pics...Those pics from the ad selling this car..Its a 1995 Mercedes SL 500 AMG Cabrio...381 PS, , full leather seats, 12 cd changer, 8 tapes...
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    Help Please !

    Been searching for couple of days for TR GTI with Red BBS wheels and cannot find...Any help ? Thanks
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    Vintage Beauties

    Enjoy !
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    You Guys Agree ?

    When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. Sacha Guitry My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met. Rodney Dangerfield Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy. Anonymous First Guy (proudly): "My wife's an angel!"...
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    Take A Wild Guess

    All the World Famous Men/Women in one singlePhotograph/Artwork How many do you know ?
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    Kuwait cars

    I was passing by when i saw those cars...Sorry they are phone photos but thought i had to take them...Enjoy. (This is a trial to upload them...hope it works )
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    Is it expensive ?

    I was offered this from a company here in Kuwait...Is this price good ? ABT Power S upgrade to app. 221 kW (300 HP), 370 Nm for VW Golf GTI 2.0T FSI 147 kW (200 HP) - optimized electronic motor management (ECU) - ABT turbo charger ABT brake system 345 mm Price Kd 2,500 with...
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    Who has the oldest GTI here ?

    Would love to see pics too...This will be interesting i guess.
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    What if you didnt like MKVI ?

    What will you do ? Stay with your MKV or will leave VW ?
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    Is this normal ?

    I just bought new rims last nite...18x8 ...the original rims were 18x7.5...I feel the car is slower and heavier..the old tyres fit the new rims perfectly..Is this normal ?? Will post pics of the new rims soon :)
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    Spent more cuz of this forum ?

    Hell Yeah !!
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    Any girls in this forum ?

    I did not meet a girl yet here in the forum...if you are one , hope you can prove it :smile:
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    Help with my signature

    Sorry...Cannot edit the size anymore and cant remove it !!!!!
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    GTI New Shape

    Will you still buy the new GTI when it is released ? I will definitely !