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  1. FlaDubNut

    Help please with suspension squeak

    I'm sort of a newbie with coilovers. I'm getting squeaking in my front-end when backing out of my driveway. It doesn't sound like metal to metal though. Any thoughts what's causing this? Bushings, strut mounts...?? thx
  2. FlaDubNut

    HPFP Help!!!

    Can someone tell me how to remove the fuel line clamp on the bottom of the HPFP?? I'm trying to install an APR HPFP. Thanks!!
  3. FlaDubNut

    Fuel pump help

    Anyone know if the Golf R HPFP is bigger than the stock GTI? Wasn't sure if the HP increase in the R was all tuning. Trying to avoid spending 1K on a pump. Thanks
  4. FlaDubNut

    F/S Lower rear MKV bumper

    Selling my rear lower. Good condition. Pinellas area.
  5. FlaDubNut

    APR K04 vs. OEM

    Can anyone tell me if there is much difference in HP/torque between the APR K04 and the OEM Golf R turbos? I will be getting the hpfp and injectors too. Trying to make the best choice. Thanks!
  6. FlaDubNut

    FS MKV t-shirts

    I have about a dozen t-shirts I need to move. Price drop- $12 plus shipping. 100% cotton Gildan. Blk or Wht :headbang:
  7. FlaDubNut

    F/S Rear valance

    F/S/ Rear valance off my MKV. Best offer.
  8. FlaDubNut

    F/S MKV T-shirts

    MKV t-shirts for sale. 100% cotton Gildan good quality! Black or white M,L,XL. :thumbup:
  9. FlaDubNut

    F/S 18" Huffs

    Need to get these Huffs out of my garage. Good shape, minor rashes. $350.00 picked up-Tampa Bay area :fighting0030:
  10. FlaDubNut

    Feeler: MKV T-shirts for sale

    Buy my MKV T-shirt?? What do you think about this t-shirt I designed?? May produce it in black as well. :headbang:
  11. FlaDubNut

    ET35 vs. ET45

    I'm a noob when it come to offsets. Can anyone help me on my wheel purchase? With a 2" drop on 18" Huffs now. Should I get ET35 or ET45 to avoid rubbing? :headbang: thx
  12. FlaDubNut

    Carbonio vs. EVOMS heat question

    My GTI came with a Carbonio intake that incorporates the stock air box/engine cover. The air box is SCREAMING hot whenever I take the cover off. APR says no problem with this setup. Anyone think the "filter on a tube" setup is better?
  13. FlaDubNut

    Oil blowing out of my filler cap!

    Just had my car at the dealership for oil all over the top of my engine and they said my cap was leaking, or the valve cover. Anyone out there have this problem? Just did a quick PCV check by pulling the cap off while idling and it ran rough, meaning it's ok right? Any other ideas? :mad0259:
  14. FlaDubNut

    Blue smoke at low rpm pull :-/

    Anyone know if there's trouble if in 6th gear, low rpm, you hit the gas pretty hard and it smokes blue? At hi-rev there's no smoke. I'm at 38k miles with a stage 2+ :iono:
  15. FlaDubNut

    APR logo

    Does anyone out there have a hi-res APR Motorsport logo? Nothing found online. :thumbsup: Thanks!
  16. FlaDubNut

    MKV T-sgirts

    Anyone know where to get these clean images for a t shirt I want to make. These are low res. THX!:thumbup:
  17. FlaDubNut

    Anyone in Tampa Bay w/stage 3?

    Is there anyone in Tampa/Pasco area with a Stage 3 K04 setup on their MKV??
  18. FlaDubNut

    Wastegate question

    Can someone help me with a wastegate question? I'm a newbie when it comes to this but someone at my dealership just said I should put a wastegate on my stage 2. He said it would eliminate the turbo lag. Is this true? I have no clue if doing just this will do anything. Thanks!!:iono:
  19. FlaDubNut

    FS OEM bumper

    06-09 OEM MKV lower rear bumper. Perfect cond. $100 OBO New Port Richey area.
  20. FlaDubNut

    Sun visor wiring help

    :iono:I have an '07 GTI with a dvd player/sun visor installed when i bought it. The seller gave me the OEM one and I want to put it back in. I never watch freaking TV while I'm driving anyway. Does anyone know where I can find the wiring diagram or an exploded view? It looks like he re-wired the...