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  1. ronmexico

    got my beater car

    Finally pulled the trigger on beater. Was looking all over for a Forester XT, but couldn't find one that was in good shape and in my price range. So we (my wife and I) decided to go a different direction, we ended up with a 98 Prelude with 105,000 miles. Picked it up for pretty cheap and is in...
  2. ronmexico

    What to expect from a beater

    My wife and I want to get a beater. I have been pushing for this since I picked up my R because I just dont want to drive that car around with our dogs, to home depot or in traffic when its 99 degrees. We have been thinking about picking up a beater wagon, either an Audi, Subaru, Volo or Benz in...
  3. ronmexico

    Polartec Fabric by the roll

    Hi Everyone, I know there are some creative folks out there, Im looking for a few guys to split a roll of Polartec fabric ( Thermal Pro "High Loft" ) I cant afford to buy a whole roll myself. I have not found anyone that sells this by the yard, seems that this is only by the roll which is 300...
  4. ronmexico

    New Wheels and Tires or whatever you call them

    Check these things out! Figured some on here might get a kick out of these. Thanks T Dubs for the email forward, one email forward that was worth looking at. They have been testing these for several years now. Resilient Tech was developing them for the military application.
  5. ronmexico

    White Lie for you staff

    I dont know how many people on here have employees working under them, but im sure its quite a few. Has anyone else covered something up for a their employees? Here a short recap of what happened to me today. We are moving to a warehouses on the other side of the block. Needed my warehouse...
  6. ronmexico

    07 for 12

    I am thinking of trading my 07 GTI (60K miles) in for a brand new GTI (my first new car ever!) The most difficult part is loosing all my modifications. I love my car as is right now, when I look at my car now, I still fell the same way I did when I first brought it home (really after it got...
  7. ronmexico

    Serpentine belt noisy --VW says its OK?

    Does anyone else have a swishing/squeaking noise on cold start up? I brought the car to VW, and they said it was the serpentine belt, but the belt and tensioner is OK and there is noting they can do about it, its just how it is. The sound stops after the car is warm, but its sick sound on start...
  8. ronmexico

    UG MKV Carbon Fiber Hood Pic Request

    Does anyone have a pic of a UG with a carbon fiber hood? Some jerk off backed into my car and took off during this last snow storm. He/She dented my hood and cracked the pain. So I think it might be cheaper to get the carbon fiber hood then to pound this one out and re paint it. Thanks
  9. ronmexico

    Rocks, Tonic, Oil and PCV

    Over the past few weeks I have noticed that I am maxing out at 10PSI and holding around 8-9PSI, When I first got the car in the summer I was hitting around 14PSI and hold around 10PSI (no chip) Anyway I checked my PCV by removing the hose from the intake and blowing in it, nothing went through...
  10. ronmexico

    Forum seems slow lately so hear is a topic GPS Location

    It seems that golfmkv has been quiet lately, so here is my attempt to get some more topics out there. I saw a thread out there about mounting GPS, but what im looking for is where to mount it. I dont want to put it on the windshield, I kind of what to incorporate it into the dash somehow, I was...
  11. ronmexico

    Guangzhou Auto Show Pics

    Thanks to my Uncle who is in China
  12. ronmexico

    Dont Buy a Niko TV this is why

    I bought a 37 inch Niko LCD TV about 10 months ago, and it just stopped working. So I called Viewtek Corp the maker of the TV because the TV was still under warranty, they told me to send it back they would fix it. So I spent 128$ to ship it back, and ended up waiting over 2 months for the TV to...
  13. ronmexico

    R32 tails Wiring

    Maybe someone can tell me if my wiring is correct. Want to make sure Im right before I VAG I installed the R32 tails on my GTI and I wanted to get them working correctly, I wanted the orange blinkers (the inner light) to work. I followed the DIY...
  14. ronmexico

    Tire Size Guide for stock wheels

    I think this might be useful info for someone. Mod's put this where you will. If you are looking to change tire size with your stock 17's, this might be useful info. Tire diameter = Wheel diameter (inches) + width (mm) *25.4*Sidewall ratio/50\\ *Formatting wont work for some reason, just...
  15. ronmexico

    Noise Pipe Delete Cheap&Easy good to got out the itch

    So around 2pm today, i got the weekend mod itch.:fighting0030: I decided to do something quick, easy and CHEAP!!! Noise pipe delete, I have been want to do this for a while and finally got around to doing it. I wanted to post up what I have noticed about the mod, and got some feed back form...
  16. ronmexico

    Revo and PCV

    Im thinking about getting the Revo stage 1 flash on my 07 GTI with 18,000 miles. It seems that everybody that has it loves it, and I have not herd of any issues except for the PCV hitting the Shi^&er after a while. Has anyone else had any issues with the REVO stage 1. It seems to be the best...