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    Mityvac oil extractor

    Anyone use a Mityvac 7201 extractor? I was only able to get about 3 quarts out, not counting anything that might be in the filter housing. I definitely got the tube inserted as far as possible but just not sure if it was actually to the bottom. I was probably a quart low to begin with. So with a...
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    Make sure to check your oil level frequently!

    Anyone use a Mityvac 7201 extractor? I was only able to get about 3 quarts out, not counting anything that might be in the filter housing. I definitely got the tube inserted as far as possible but just not sure if it was actually to the bottom. I was probably a quart low to begin with. So...
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    Driver Motorsport K04+

    I've got the big Forge DV with the BSH relocation kit up to the front of the engine bay. Too busy this week to mess with it, plus I haven't driven my car in a week. I'll at least try to get some logs this week coming up.
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    Driver Motorsport K04+

    Something strange happened with the engine sound a while back and I'm not sure if it's related or not. I finally removed the deteriorating hood liner so I mostly attributed it to the insulation being gone but under boost it sounds like a loud sucking sound. That makes sense since boost is...
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    Driver Motorsport K04+

    Honestly I hadn't really paid attention in a long time - everything just worked really well. It still drives well and seems to pull reasonably hard but the fact that my clutch isn't slipping as easily doesn't make sense. I was the original development car for Bronson on this and we worked...
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    Driver Motorsport K04+

    Anyone here still running DM K04+ tuning? I'm not sure if I'm having issues or not but trying to figure out how much boost I should be seeing. I haven't yet run logs to see requested boost but my slipping clutch hasn't ben slipping lately so I'm thinking I might not be running at 100%.
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    Boost leak, intake whoosh, or turbo spool?

    So I finally removed and dumped the insulation from the underside of the hood this weekend because it's been sagging for a long time. Then today I swore I had a massive boost leak as I heard this obvious whoosh whenever I boosted over 0psi. It wasn't until I got home and opened the hood to...
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    Rear door lock not working properly ?

    I had this exact problem about a month ago. It would lock with the fob but not unlock although I could reach inside and open it with the handle. Eventually the door stopped locking completely. I've got this on my to-do list...
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    Rear hatch struts

    So this just happened... The little ball joint nipple literally pulled out of the fitting. It must have been working it's way out for a while but I never noticed it. It definitely enlarged the hole to the point where it can't be secured again. Anyone deal with this before? If I can't get...
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    DIY door lock actuator

    My driver side rear door just stopped locking within the past couple weeks. There was a period where it would only unlock about 50% of the time. Ugh - wasn't ware this required the outsider door skin to be removed but doesn't look too tough. Anyone got a good suggestion for sourcing a new...
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    I'm having a clutch replacement done so will have these installed at the same time so I don't have to fvck with it.
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    Suspension refresh?

    Thanks - are these the bushings and strut mounts you mention?
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    SACHS SRE Performance clutch

    Old thread but new update. I just ordered a complete kit direct from Sachs for $1260 shipped - pressure plate, disc, DMF, and slave cylinder. It's been a long time coming but I recently decided to hold on to the Gti for a while longer so figured I'd take care of that slipping stock clutch...
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    Pure DD. I've had some mild clunks commonly when pulling out of my garage for years and just never bothered to do anything about it. I recently decided to keep the car for a while longer so looking to address a few minor issues and refresh some bits and pieces. I ended up buying the ECS kit...
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    Suspension refresh?

    2008 Gti with 130k miles, Eibach Pro Kit springs with Koni FSD shocks/struts - just a DD, no track use. I don't have any specific suspension issues but figure it might be worth refreshing some of the supporting suspension components - maybe new control arm bushings, tie rods, strut mounts, ball...
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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    Any particular reason the TyrolSport Deadset locking collar kit is worth 100% more than ECS version? I realize the ECS kit is aluminum collara and OEM bolts compared to brass collars and ARP bolts for TyrolSPort...but $112 vs $225?
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    "Mild" motor mount options?

    I'm considering an upgraded motor mount but don't want something that drastically increases vibrations in the car. I've got the BSH dogbone mount and insert alreadt but seems my original motor mount might be in need of a refresh - 10 years and 130k miles. Are there upgrades that are maybe just...
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    Can not find where my oil is leaking from.

    Is it leaking badly enough to actually drip on the floor? I have a very similar situation where my driver side axle is consistently coated with oil but not to the point of dripping. I've actually had this for a few years. I change my own oil about twice a year and clean it up but next time...
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    Exhaust/gas fumes in cabin during start

    This seems to have come on all of a sudden. Whenever I start the engine I get a strong dose of gas/exhaust fumes inside the car. I'd say it's worse when the engine is cold. Sniffing around the engine bay while running (and warm) I get essentially nothing. Likewise, nothing significant at the...
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    Ignition starter switch replacement

    I've been getting a few ignition switch electrical fault codes that point to the switch going bad. I also have a run down battery on a regular basis and slow starting that I'm betting is related. So I want to replace the starter switch before I consider taking it to a shop. Anyone have any...