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  1. batfink21

    Has anyone found out how to left foot brake the DSG?

    I know there are already a few old threads on this topic, but nothing which gives a definite answer or a 'work around'. It seems like the car automatically cuts the power if the brake and accelerator are pressed for anything longer than a couple of seconds - probably a useful safety feature in...
  2. batfink21

    Has anyone dealt with GPR Direct recently? I ordered a few bits and pieces through the website, received an order confirmation and then... nothing. I've tried calling but the toll-free number doesn't exist and the main number rings disconnected... As far as I can tell, my credit card hasn't...
  3. batfink21

    tires... melting?

    I bought a set of heat cycled Michelin PS Cup track tires a couple of weeks ago and I used them for the first time last Wednesday (a week ago). I didn't get time to get the wheels changed off the car after the event and I've had them on there until today. Took them off this afternoon and the FR...
  4. batfink21

    matt black R32

    This is a photo of a matt black R32 from Oman... cost him around $600 USD for the respray! I'm seriously considering driving down there to get my GTI done. I'm not loving the matt black wheels - too much black, but I think this would look awesome with silver or gold wheels. What do you guys...
  5. batfink21

    new tires / wheels - rubbing

    I'm just ordered a new set of wheels and tires so I can run one set-up on the road and one at the track. The track set-up ROTA P45F 18x8 ET45 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 225/40/18 The road set-up VM CSL reps 18x8.5 ET45 Nitto Invo 235/40/18 I also have KW V2 coilovers, slightly lower than stock...
  6. batfink21

    KW V2 + 235/40/18 = fender roll?

    About two weeks ago I had KW V2 coilovers fitted, they were lowered to about 6mm all round on stock 17" Huffs with 225/45/17 stock Michelin's. The coilovers were set to the softest rate. This seemed pretty good, no rubbing, no noise over speed humps or potholes. I agreed with the mechanic that...
  7. batfink21

    Loss of boost after installing forge FMIC and DV

    Hey, I took my car into the shop yesterday to get the Forge FMIC and DV fitted. Picked it up and drove back to work, no problems. After work I drove the car home and noticed a real drop in boost pressure when pulling away from a stand still... didn't think too much about it and wondered if it...
  8. batfink21

    Carbon fibre / fiber roof panel

    I remember hearing about someone who had replaced the roof panel on their car with a carbon fibre panel to lower the centre of gravity. I don't think it was on a Golf MkV, but I wondered if anyone knew if this was possible or if it had ever been done before.
  9. batfink21

    bodykits: purely cosmetic?

    Is a bodykit going to do anything for the performance of the average track driver in a MkV GTI or is it a purely cosmetic modification? Could it actually reduce performance / handling? I'm not talking about replacing doors and hoods with huge sheets of CF, I mean the bolt on Reiger, OSIR...
  10. batfink21

    pads + lines + fluid = new rotors?

    Sorry for the mysterious title to this thread. My question is, if I upgrade my stock brake set-up to CarboTech XP10 pads, SS lines and APR dot 5.1 fluid how are the stock rotors going to perform / stand up to the pressure? Will they need to be upgraded too?
  11. batfink21

    Custom Badges

    I'm thinking of producing some custom badges to replace the VW badges on the grill and rear hatch. They'd be laser cut and etched stainless steel, filed and polished to give a nice smooth edge and either polished or painted to match the body colour (non-metallic black in my case). Then stuck...
  12. batfink21

    Parrot RK8200 - integrated bluetooth stereo

    Is anyone considering this as an alternative to separate iPod and bluetooth telephony systems? Looks too good to be true... I guess one of the downsides is that its a single DIN, what would you fill the extra space up with? in case you don't know what the hell I'm talking about...
  13. batfink21

    ANOTHER iPod question...

    I have the '09 MKV GTI and I'm trying to decide whether to get the armrest iPod dock installed at the dealership or try and DIY a cable from the head unit into the mini glovebox (cubby) under the steering wheel (see attached). I don't think either of the GTI options here in Dubai offer the...
  14. batfink21

    Pi coilovers

    Anyone ever heard of them? Fitted them, driven them? Just saw them on a UK website for around $850 a set.
  15. batfink21

    how much can I drop...

    how low can I go on a MkV GTI (euro spec) with 18" wheels and 235/40/18 tires before I start to rub? I was looking at the H&R street performance coilovers - worth the money?
  16. batfink21

    Newbie alert...! Basic engine modification questions...

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie, in fact my first GTi isn't even delivered yet (arriving some time in mid-June). I'm interested in upgrading the engine gradually (after I have broken the car in a bit - 1k?) but need lots of advice. What suggestions do you have for a good first upgrade from stock engine...