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  1. apmitchell74

    Scirocco R's available now!

    Hey Guys, Just giving you heads up that Scirocco R's are now! :happyanim: VW Scirocco R's Now In Stock from $67,900 Drive Away. All VW Scirocco's from Scuderia Imports come with 2 Year Factory Volkswagen Warranty.:thumbsup: Contact us on 02 9966-8522...
  2. apmitchell74

    World First...

    Hi Guys, I recieved an email from Marcel at HPA showing me this thread in vw vortex he just loaded....:thumbsup: Pure car porn...:lol::happyanim: Check this out...:drool:
  3. apmitchell74

    Sub-forums Members ideas

    Hi Guys, I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how this Australia section of golfmkv should be set up so that it is easier to navigate.:thumbsup: We were thinking of putting a members rides and buildup sub-forum.:iono: Your opinions are valued and will make this forum a...
  4. apmitchell74

    New Aussie Moderators....

    Hi Guys, I am back!!! I would like to let you know that myself (apmitchell74) and Frenchie are now the Australian section moderators... Everything that has been going on here in the last few weeks will stop right now... We will be deleteing any threads that we feel are rude, attacking and most...
  5. apmitchell74

    Wrecked MKV R32 needed for new project..

    Hi Guys, As all off you like me are always on the net:lol: Thats what my wife says anyway.. I need your help to find a wrecked MKV R32.. I am looking for a wrecked R32 golf MKV for my new project..:biggrin: If you stumble over one let me know...:thumbsup: Thanks
  6. apmitchell74

    Expressions of interest!!

    Complete 500HP HPA Turbo R32 engine and DSG!! 11.89 1/4 and 0-100 3.9sec This will be a complete bolt in turbo R32 motor and DSG gearbox, ECU, Intercoolers.. This will be a exchange sale, the person that buys this Turbo R32 engine and DSG box will be leaving me there standard R32 engine and...
  7. apmitchell74


    Hi, Just removing the drags from the SC thread:thumbsup: Sideways action for the Turbo R, Then is run a 11.89@114:biggrin: Plus my mates CLK Black Series doing a masive burnout, Then running a his best time of 11.78@119mph:yikes: Awsome night:thumbsup:
  8. apmitchell74

    MOTOR Magazine Tuner Challenge

    I thought it would be nice to open a new thread about the Tuner Challenge.. Please leave your silly comments in the other thread:w00t:
  9. apmitchell74

    Vented Bonnet (hood)

    Hi Guys, I am looking at putting some form of vent in my bonnet, I am not sure what to do so i was hoping everyone could give me some idea's.. I want to use the car on the track more and i don't wont to cook or bbq everything under the bonnet...
  10. apmitchell74

    The White Beast is all ready!!!!

    I spent all day detailing the turbo R, I've put 18x8 inch BBS CH powder coated black with A048R track tyres, new oil and a nut and bolt check... Tomorrow the Turbo R goes to Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Challenge :w00t:
  11. apmitchell74

    WSID Wednesday Drag night

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Wednesday night Drags GTG at WSID... Everything you need to know is on this link; It would be good to see what our cars can do plus we can all catch up.. These quick little GTG...
  12. apmitchell74

    Rear Wheel Drive R32 Golf..

    Have a look at this RWD R32 Golf... Looks like fun:thumbup:
  13. apmitchell74

    Thunder Bunny Front Bumper Conversion

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of doing a Thunder Bunny Front Bumper Conversion on the Turbo R...:iono: What do you think...:w00t:
  14. apmitchell74


    Hi Guys, I have just uploaded some dyno printouts from this Saturday when they did a run straight away after the car warmed up. It was pulling really strong and when it hit 6000rpm it just shut down, they found that the fuel pump was using to many currents and caused the fuse to blow, but after...
  15. apmitchell74

    HPA 500HP Build Update!!!!!

    Hi Guys, Been buzy at work and haven't had time to post some updates... The engine will be reinstalled on monday and we should recieve the ECU back from HPA MOTORSPORT this week.. We had some drama's with the timming chain and had to do some mods that HPA'S tech told us to do, that's why the...
  16. apmitchell74

    500hp HPA Candy White R32 Build...

    HPA 500HP Turbo Build up.... Hi, Had a big day today all the engine is out and striped, will do head spacer and rod bearings tomorrow.