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  1. eurocars

    SOLD: MKV R rear calipers

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Rebuilt with new dust boots and piston seals (old boots were torn). Comes with braided stainless lines. $300 plus shipping
  2. eurocars

    FS: Brembo 17Z calipers $250 + ship

    SOLD Used Brembo calipers in good condition. Could use cosmetic refinishing. Pair with MK4 R brake lines, 17Z bolt kit and Mercedes rotors for a BBK on the cheap. $250 plus shipping, Firm
  3. eurocars

    FS: Brembo 17Z calipers

    SOLD Used Brembo calipers, bolt on a MKV/MK6 with different bolts, MK4 R32 lines and Mercedes rotors. Inexpensive BBK upgrade. $300 plus shipping. Can rebuild/refinish for extra
  4. eurocars

    FS: Eurodyne Boost Manager Methanol Kit

    SOLD Brand new, never installed Eurodyne BM+ kit with methanol pump. $500 +shipping. Retails for $700
  5. eurocars

    FS: Tial MVS wastegate

    Sold 38mm wastegate, only used for 1k miles, comes with all hardware. 200+ shipping
  6. eurocars

    FS: FSI big throttle body

    Bolts on to FSI flange, approx 11mm over stock size. 200 plus shipping. Only large TB in pictures is for sale
  7. eurocars

    06A (MK4)/06F (MK5) hybrid engine build

    The MK4 1.8T (06A) block has many advantages over the MK5 2.0T (06F) block. Most high horsepower builds tend to convert the front oil filter housing to the MK4 metal style with an adapter plate and remove the MK5 balance shaft assembly in favor of the 1.8t oil pump. With a MK4 block, no adapters...
  8. eurocars

    FS: New braided stainless clutch line - $40 shipped

    Bought an extra and dont need this one. Replaces the OEM rubber hose. Brand new, never used $40 shipped
  9. eurocars

    FS: 4motion swap transmission with LSD $1200

    Was going to use for my 4motion swap, but I no longer have the rest of the parts (sold). Trans is from a MK1 TT, has an LSD installed. ~60k miles on the trans. Can also be converted to FWD with a kit from Epytec. $1200+ shipping or can pick up in Indianapolis Pic stolen from google, trans...
  10. eurocars

    FS: Rev D OEM diverter valve

  11. eurocars

    Euro part number request

    Need help finding a part number for the AXW (N/A FSI) cam adjuster housing. It has no provision for a HPFP like in the picture below: Any leads are appreciated
  12. eurocars

    FS: Polished 1.8T Oil filter housing and IE 06F to 06A adapter plate

    Adapter plate sold, housing still available Switching to a MK4 block so I dont need the adapter anymore. Allows for a 1.8t oil filter housing so you can run a metal filter and change up oil cooler setups if you want. Is a necessity if you are wanting to run a 1.8t oil pump and delete your...
  13. eurocars

    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

  14. eurocars

    FS: polished billet aluminum pulleys

    FS is a new set of gruvenparts billet aluminum idler and alternator pulleys. I'm converting to a custom 60 amp alternator setup so no longer need these. Also have a polished tensioner I could include for a little more. $125 shipped
  15. eurocars

    Feeler: Unibrace XB

  16. eurocars

    FS: Whiteline/Poweflex control arm bushings

    SOLD New whiteline bushings intalled in OEM housings. Used the housings to test-fit once, then they were removed and the bushings installed. Powerflex bushings for the front end of the control arm, brand new still in packaging. Looking to get $140 shipped in the U.S. for the pair (int'l...
  17. eurocars

    FS: Full MKV 4motion setup

    SOLD Plans with the car/life are changing so i've decided to put my 4motion setup for sale. Comes with everything needed for the swap except for a golf R front passenger side axle. On a GTI, rear spare tire pan will need modified to clear the subframe, GLI/Jetta is bolt-in. TT225 Quattro trans...
  18. eurocars

    Using vacuum pump for PCV assist

    So I recently deleted the mechanical vacuum pump that sits off the side of the head because I wanted to clean up the bay a little more. I was thinking today how hard a time i'm having with excessive crankcase pressure then I thought...
  19. eurocars

    OEM 02M Stainless steel shift forks cheaper than USP

    Just wanted to post this up and save any interested people from spending too much with USP. Stainless shift forks are offered from VW as of 2012, part numbers are 02M311549Q and 02M311559P. Saves a little over $100