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    Somthing doesnt look right?? :iono:
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    2006 volkswagen GTI APR stage 2, rims, for sale

    2006 Volkswagen GTI. 52k miles highway driven. 6 speed manual. Excellent condition. Very well kept and maintained. Dropped on eibach springs from Gunther Volkswagen.19 inch Axis rims black with chrome lip, exhaust, intake, APR chip. One owner. Serious inquiries only please. $14,000 make me an...
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    Brand new in the box black 16g iphone 3g (s) for sale make me an offer
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    APR STAGE III 605WHP MKV GTI Dyno video :bow::bow:
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    What Car to buy for under 5k?

    Looking to buy a reliable car for under 5k, Any ideas? I was looking at some 2000 jetta vr6 with about 100k miles and also some 1998 audi a4 with about 100k miles..What you guys think? Was thinking honda but interiors look really shitty compared to vws or audi with there leather ect.. Any ideas...
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    Car Keeps turning off when i come to a stop??

    Everytime i pull up to a light, i throw it in neutral hit the brakes and the car just turns off? Few days ago i forgot my lights on but the car barely started up, also i recently tore a hose but got it replaced and fixed. What do you think the problem is?
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    GTI APR stage 2 vs Acurs RSX S Kpro

    My mods in sigg Acura rsx type s, Hks Exhuast, intake, headers, kpro GTI has extra passenger 3rd gear 60 mph race...Dead even to about 90 or so where we let off..goin to run again soon. I was pretty surprised, hes a freind of mine i use to own him by 2 cars or so, he just got the kpro put in...
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    Could I get 20k For my GTI??

    If i were to Part out my car, How much could i get for it? 2006 Volkswagen GTI 6 speed Package 1 (includes power sunroof and satellite radio) Light Tinted tails 19inch Black Axis Rims (retail for $355 a piece w/o ties) eibach springs Side markers Yellow Fogs 33k miles Or should i just sell...
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    APR stage 2 GTI VS nissan 350z

    My APR Stage 2 gti (Mods in Sigg) vs an Automatic nissan 350z with HKS exhaust.. 3 times.. 40 roll, 60 roll, and 80.. Pulled about car and a half on him all times even more from a 60 roll... i was kind of suprised... Cant wait untill meth injection :burnrubber:
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    New system pioneer AVIC- D3 two 12inch Kicker subs PICS

    just installed my new system.. Pioneer Avic D3 with ipod adapter getting bluetooth soon two 12 inch kicker subs 1600 watt amp (thinking about just getting one 12) The D3 is amazing, soo much better then the stock head unit and makes the stock speakers sound alot better.. later down the line im...
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    APR stage 2 GTi VS Honda S2000 *VIDEO

    Started about the end of 4th gear quickly into 5th on the highway. The Video was takin right after i passed him (on my friends cell phone) He unexpectedly hit it first and got the jump, i quickly hit it reeling him in and passing him... All in all it was a good race im happy that i was still...
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    APR stage 2 GTI vs camry lol

    APR stage 2 GTI vs camry lol *VIDEO Me and a friend just messing around lol
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    525 HP MKV GTI Video RSR Turbo kit

    Check it out..
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    APR STAGE 2 What are you Boosting??

    Was wondering what all you APR stage 2 people are Boosting and in what gear?
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    Will It Rub?? How low is to Low?? 19 inch

    Will it rub on my mkv GTI i have 19 inch Axis Crux Rims 35mm offset Tire size- 235/35zR19 91y i want to drop it on H&R Race Springs Will it fit?
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    APR stage 2 Dyno with Graph

    Dynod at 223.47 hp and 253.12 tq Temp was 89.58 degrees F. and 51% humidiy Let me know what you guys think...
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    Car Making weird sucking noise??

    My APR stage 2 GTI is making some weird sucking noises..(no its not the intake) it either sounds like the air is being sucked in realy loud..or blown out.... im also loosing boost and it only happens when the turbo kicks in?... Any one know what this could be? could it be bcause i blocked off my...
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    2006 Mustang V6 with intake VS APR stage 2

    2006 AUTO mustang v6 with intake Vs my APR stage 2 manual lol can u say Bus length? it was fun though =)
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    Stage 2 MKV GTI VS stock RSX type S

    Raced from a 20 mph role and we were perty much even up to 100. What happend here? Is somthing wrong with my car? i Still didnt get my boost guage. Could i have blown my PCV valve? I got the upgraded 1 from the dealer. Should i just plug it? I know these cars are quick but APR stage 2 quick?? i...
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    Fun in the Vdubz Video

    well me and my freind got bored so went out to make a little video.. nothing much but enjoy... Tell me what you think