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    moroso july 5, 09 sunday

    anyone going up their?
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    APR 2+

    I went apr 2+ on friday and loving it :drool: serious power in every gear:drool:.. follower looks good. thanks apr and usp:thumbup:
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    neuspeed discharge pipe and Intercooler pipe fit eurojet intercooler

    i have been looking but have not found anything. need help
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    wireing up a sub?

    Do i need another wire harness to hook a sub to the stock head unit. where is the best way to run the wires power and and all.
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    I finally did it!

    i am new to the forum I boutght my car tonight can wait to pick it up tommorow paying 359 a month:happyanim: :happyanim: :happyanim: :biggrin: united gray just a base model