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    BSH RSB group buy on MK6 site

    Hey guys - just wanted to throw a heads up that there is a group buy going over to MK6 for the 27mm BSH RSB - only $219... Correction $210 We need 15 guys to sign up in order to get the great rate and we already got 6 or 7 - so those of you who want to grab a great bar at a great price act now...
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    Fahrenheit #1113 destroyed - rebirth photos

    A drunk driver hit me and my fiance at over 100 mph in the rear (we were driving 60 down the freeway) she hit us on the rear drivers side and basically did a high speed pit maneuver that drove us hard into the guardrail - TWICE! we lived but the lil FH gave its life for ours... $17,000 in...
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    2007 MKV front end conversion to R32

    Guys - I have searched for info regarding this and its been spotty at best, is there anyone here who knows whats entailed in doing an MKV OEM to R32 OEM front end swap? I had a very minor fender bender bump and im getting it fixed, im adding my own funds in to get the R32 front end put on...
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    Rear Sway Bar List

    Can someone name all the RSB's available for the MKV? I know of ... BSH RSB Hotchkis H&R Nuespeed DAN GSR RSB what else? I thought there was a race one recently available...27mm solid? Thanks for the help
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    Vs G35

    Two guys pulled up next to me at a light about a hundred yards before a right hand curve to get on the 95 south onramp here in Vegas - it was a 4 door G35 and the guy in the passenger seat with the window rolled down yelled "SEE YAAAAAA" as they took off from the light and cut in front of me to...
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    Valeted my first GTI yesterday

    A TR one from California (manual tranny) ... all I can say is (clean your car!!!!!) I do have to say that there have been a few debates ive participated in over the last year or so.... DSG vs Manual....Leather Vs Interlagos and after driving that poor dirty TR I am supremely confident that I...
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    WTB - R32 front end that will fit 2007 MKV

    anyone with a wrecked R32 they are parting out? maybe the back end got hit and the front is still good? or hit from the side? maybe you swapped out your front end and you just wanna sell the stocker? let me know if you are and your asking price. Thanks
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    R32 front end conversion

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get an R32 front end for my Fahrenheit? unpainted is fine, just trying to price this out and see what im looking at - no R badging will go on the FH FYI ...just love the look of the front and back of the R. Thanks in advance
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    DSG working just fine

    In another thread the OP said he had to have his DSG mechatronic replaced and said the problem is rampant... well, Im just reporting that after 57,000 carefree miles my DSG is working perfectly. That is all.
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    Fuel Cuts / Cam Follower / Out of Warrenty

    Obviously Im going to take my car to the dealership and ask them directly, ....but.... There have been a lot of threads on here about the Cam follower problem in the 07 FSI - I have had maybe 2 or 3 minor instances where I was accelerating in a lower gear (2nd to 3rd - or 1rst to 2nd) and the...
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    Fahrenheit #1113 seat lever insert

    Someone asked me awhile ago what my seat lever insert looked like and I went out and snapped a quick Iphone pic for you guys to see - so here it is.
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    Murdered out!

    Found this on SinCityEuros forum - what do you guys think?
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    BSH Rear Sway Bar/Endlinks - after install impressions?

    OK guys... Now that you have had your BSH RSB with or without endlinks on for awhile - what are your impressions after new bar installation has worn off? Pros? Cons? Is there noise? have a favorite setting? why is it your favorite setting? any problems at all? if so, what? I really want to...
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    Orange on Orange

    my friend was in town so I took him out to Valley of Fire to check it out, being from Atlanta and never being to Vegas he was blown away with the scenery we have here, we took some shots just before sunset... this was my favorite. And here is one from the opposite side shooting into the sun...
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    Want to learn HDR?

    Here you go... Here is a workflow for those who love HDR... 1) Set your ISO to 100 ( if you can go lower -go lower ) some cams can do 50 or even 25 iso. also make sure you are shooting these in jpeg ( works best for this technique ) 2) Set Aperture to F8 ( this gives you a wider depth of...
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    1 from Lake Mead (Orange content)

    Yesterday I was shooting T-Mobile employees riding ATV's out near Lake Mead as part of their week long conference & fun, at the end of the day the cloud cover was so compelling I had to get a shot of the car, it was filthy from a rain the day before but the HDR seems to wash away the dirt - enjoy.
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    Maxxis Tires

    I am doing a photo shoot for Maxxis Tires coming up at the end of the month and trading out a complete set of tires for my GTI and Durango for photography. Anyone have any experience using Maxxis brand, any suggestions / advice? Thanks Edit- It looks like the Victra Assymet is my best option...
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    There are some fast trucks out there ....well there are also some douchebags with not fast enough trucks who are sore losers. last night some dumbass was revvin me with his Dodge ram lifted V8 whatever and so i proceeded to walk his ass from one light to the next. well, he musta had his G/F...
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    Couple from last night & today (orange)

    This first one is near Mt Charleston (about 10 miles from my house in NW Vegas) Swapped out the scenery for this 4x4 parking garage shot - NY NY On top of the NY NY parking garage
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    Drivetrain Swap??

    Been reading a lot about these mechatronic failures and DSG problems and it got me to thinking ...people say to replace the mechatronic would cost 4k or more from the dealer...which could lead to the same issues down the road past the warrenty... how much would it cost to take out the DSG tranny...