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  1. Little_Red_Fast

    WTB - VAG COM Cable

    Been a while since I have been on here and one of my roommates just picked up an A6, so he's looking for a VAG-COM to communicate and troubleshoot. I've been a trusted member on here in the past and haven't been on for a while, but rest assured that I will make sure the transaction is seamless...
  2. Little_Red_Fast

    FS: 2007 TR 2DR GTI For Sale $13500

    FS: 2007 TR 2DR GTI For Sale $12500 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD GolfMKV only deal!! 2007 VW GTI, Immaculately cared for (as shown in the pictures), recently fully detailed and stored (Dec 17th). Started and ran until coolant temperature stabilized in the weeks since then. Has some stone...
  3. Little_Red_Fast

    FS: 19x8 et45 OZ Ultraleggeras - $1000 + Shipping

    19x8 et45 Ultraleggeras for sale, pics below. One has a small bend on the inside of the rim from shitty Michigan roads. I have gotten it looked at and it can be repaired for roughly 100 dollars by Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan (, so I assume it can be done by...
  4. Little_Red_Fast

    LRF's Stage 2+ Part out (suspension, wheels, performance goodies, etc)

    All gone! Wheels/Tires moved to Wheels/tires classifieds... Suspension moved to suspension classifieds... In the words of Ron Burgundy, You stay classy Golfmkv, I am little_red_fast?
  5. Little_Red_Fast

    My Elusive EVAP Code

    So I have been getting an EVAP code for the past month and a half and it is driving me insane. So far I have checked all the EVAP lines underhood (not from the quick connects on the passenger side back to the canister though) and replaced my N80 valve. This morning, there it is again. Does...
  6. Little_Red_Fast

    Good Bye Engine Rocking (BSH Mounts Inside)

    Well, finally got around to getting back to my apartment (I am watching a friends home these past few weeks) and found a nice little gift from my UPS man at the front door. I will be installing these in the coming moments. I plan to have plenty of pictures as well as initial thoughts for you...
  7. Little_Red_Fast

    K04 logs anyone?

    I am just curious, not going to get a K04. I want to see MAF readings as well as timing, boost, and fuel pressures. Like I said, I am only curious, thought someone might have some laying around. LRF
  8. Little_Red_Fast

    Michigan Roads...and 19" OZ Ultraleggeras

    I94 Eastbound near Jackson MI caused this to my $381.99 (shipped price) rim. This is the second occurance. What a shitty morning.
  9. Little_Red_Fast

    Coilover Question

    I hear Ksports ride like shit, but no one says "compared to" So compared to what? I have stock shocks and Eibach sportlines and the stock shocks are blown. They ride like shit IMO. So are they crazy stiff, i.e you feel every single pebble in the road, or not? I am in the market for these...
  10. Little_Red_Fast

    Devil's Own Direct Port Water Meth Injection (And some gold)

    I know I have been hinting and/or telling people about this for the past month or so...but I finally got everything lined up and figured out and began removal/installation this past week. Took 4 days after work to remove, clean the valves/runners, swap all the parts from one manifold to the...
  11. Little_Red_Fast

    Wierd motion at highway speed

    I have been having this issue all summer and I was just wondering if anyone else has had it and could guide me to a solution before I go spending money on new suspension, alignment, etc. At speeds above 50mph, my car will "wobble" side to side. It doesnt bother me as a driver, its more in the...
  12. Little_Red_Fast

    BSH Intercooler Installed!!!

    I just got home recently so I havent had any time to take any "Money Shots" for you guys cause I am tired as hell, but I just wanted to start a thread and say that the install was quick (could've done it in less then 2 hours easy if I didnt take so many damn pictures) and easy, very straight...
  13. Little_Red_Fast

    Replacing the intake manifold

    In the instructions for replacing the intake manifold, i have run across this: If Intake Flap Motor V157 or intake manifold was replaced, Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor G336 must be adapted to ECM "Guided Functions". Has anyone had experience with this (with all the valve cleaning I am...
  14. Little_Red_Fast

    APR and Water/Meth Question for the pros...

    Alright, I have been tooling around with the idea of getting water meth injection for my APR stage 2+ and I have a few questions. I have been reading a lot about it on the internet (because everything you read online is fact...) and I am curious as to how the APR software will react to...
  15. Little_Red_Fast

    To Dyno or not to Dyno (Pre/Post for Forge Wastegate) POLL

    Gents, For all those interested, should I do a pre/post dyno for when I install the Forge wastegate on an APR tuned car? I only ask because if no one cares, then I wont do it. For my own pleasure, I have a dyno run set up for next monday the 15th at 5PM. If the poll shows that people want to...
  16. Little_Red_Fast


    Okay, so I am a guinea pig for Forge's new Wastegate Actuator for us that APR software. My current mods: APR Stage 2+, APR HPFP, APR RSC TBE, BSH Stage 2 PCV, BSH Tru Seal Intake, OEM D Piston DV As for looks, this thing is gorgeous (see pic below). I am pretty convinced though that it is an...
  17. Little_Red_Fast

    BSH Rear End Links w/Eibach RSB

    Wow! Thats all I can say. I thought it handled well with just the RSB. I used to be able to take this *recommended* 45mph interchange ramp at 70-75mph without breaking a sweat. Last night after the install, I was between 80 and 85mph and I wasnt even pushing it. I didnt think these things...
  18. Little_Red_Fast

    Yet another Cam Follower Data Point

    Just replaced my cam follower after roughly 20k miles with the APR fuel pump. Prior to installing the pump, the follower looked brand new. I drive pretty aggresive in the summer months, but in the winter I am a granny, just to give you an idea of my driving style. Pics (new on the right, old...
  19. Little_Red_Fast

    Timing - ATDC vs. BTDC

    Big question in my book. I have read on 07Noside's Rebuild thread that it is not as good to be running in ATDC (from crew219). Now, from my understanding of NA engines, ignition timing should be advanced as far as it can without getting detonation (so typically just after the switch to ATDC...
  20. Little_Red_Fast

    8k HID Headlamps, 7K LED Foglamps

    Just upgraded my 4300K headlights to 8000K's and threw in the same LED fogs as 07Noside that say 7000K on the package, but everything else in in I think they are more than 7000K or the 8000K headlamps are less than 8000K since the fogs still look a little more blue than the...