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  1. NJdubber

    Turbosmart DV

    Anyone try one of these yet?
  2. NJdubber

    WTB: FSI HPFP Bamboo/Barbed fitting.

    Looking for a barbed fitting with washer from an FSI HPFP. PM, if you have one. :bow: :help:
  3. NJdubber

    Subframe mounts, which one are you running?

    So I've got the VF-Engineerinf full mount set and I still feel the subframe can still use a bit of improvement. I'm really leaning towards the VMR mount for the subframe since its solid. Anyone have any experience with it??
  4. NJdubber

    Eurodyne Maestro - Tuning

    Anyone in the Tri-state really comfortable tuning in Maestro, would like to get some insight.
  5. NJdubber

    WTB: 3'' Cat-back Exhaust

    PM, if you got one for sale. :thumbsup:
  6. NJdubber

    ECU/ECM Cloning

    Was wondering, what tools and software are needed to clone an ECM to have for back up reasons.
  7. NJdubber


    Looking for a spare ECU/ECM FSI BPY 6-Speed . PM if you have one! :help:
  8. NJdubber

    WTB: Trans bracket - 1K0199117AC

    Just like the title states, looking for a transmission bracket from an MKV part 1K0199117AC. If anyone has one or can point in the right direction it would be most appreciated. :smile:
  9. NJdubber

    TT-RS Front Brakes

    Curious to see if these Calipers will bolt up to our cars.. As per ECS the rotors are 370mmx32mm :eyebulge: If anyone has a set out there or is going that route, wouldn't mind hearing some feedback..
  10. NJdubber

    Dyno - Tristate area

    Anyone know where I can take my A3 to get dyno'd around the way?
  11. NJdubber

    Brake pad low pad warning light

    Does anyone know on vag-com how to disable the brake pad warning?
  12. NJdubber

    FSI Design and Function Manual

    Sharing this information which my fellow forum members since these cars can be a pain in the ass at times. Enjoy!
  13. NJdubber

    Fuel Cut Issue - Could definitely use some help

    So this is the DTC that continues to plague me : 1 Fault Found: 012555 - Low Pressure Fuel regulation P310B - 008 - Fuel Pressure Outside Specification - Intermittent - MIL ON Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 10101000 Fault...
  14. NJdubber

    WTB: Banjo fitting HPFP

    I am looking for the actual fitting that is attached to the HPFP (not the bolt) , if anyone has it please PM. :bow:
  15. NJdubber

    KMD Titanium CarboNitride HPFP Review

    So i bit the bullet and recently purchased the new KMD pump that Unitronic tested for quite some time. I'm not creating this thread to bash anyone nor do i ask for any negativity, it's a simple review/experience with their new pump kit. The nightmare banjo bolt getting slayed : The kit...
  16. NJdubber

    APR Rear Sway Bar Noise

    Anyone that has this bar or a similar bar have squeaking issues while going over bumps? I installed it less than a month ago and greased it twice and it still squeaks, hoping someone has some good info for me. Thanks in advance!
  17. NJdubber

    FS: Vogtland Springs

    A set of Vogtland springs for a 2006-2008 MKV GTI FWD , part # 950007 which lower the car 40mm (1.6'') . I've used them for roughly 10,000 miles, the only reason they are being replaced is for coilovers.. I'm asking $115 shipped, or $95 if we meet up locally. Here is a shot of my car with them...
  18. NJdubber

    KMD's *NEW* HPFP Kit Who's gonna be the first one out there to try it?? :fighting0030:
  19. NJdubber

    FS:VF Engine Mount Mk5 R32 VFA06-02

    Up for sale literally 1 day used engine side only VF mount with all hardware and instructions. It retails for $200 plus shipping, i'm selling it for $150 shipped, anywhere in the U.S. I got the mount brand new from a fellow forum seller and attempted to install on my car not realizing that it...
  20. NJdubber

    FS: Eibach Sportlines

    A set of Eibach Sportlines used for about under 10,000 miles. I bought them but have not installed them due to the fact that i have an A3 and an Eibach rep recommended this application solely for a GTi. I'm asking for $125 plus $25 to ship anywhere in U.S. with this atleast i get some of my...