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  1. randomhobo130

    The classy alcoholics thread

    Today is pay day and I decided to treat myself to a better bottle of whiskey than my usual (jameson). Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  2. randomhobo130

    Anybody else getting this message when opening the forum?

    Started as soon as the clock struck midnight last night (Jan 2 2021). Anybody else getting this message when they open the forum up?
  3. randomhobo130

    Reaching out to our Canadian friends

    Hello, I'm looking for some information. Quick backstory, my GF lives in Canada and I'm in the US. She is shopping for a new vehicle. I would love to go and help but alas, the border is closed off (thanks Rona). I am hoping some of you can give me suggestions for reputable/good to work with...
  4. randomhobo130

    Was looking at my local VW dealer the other dayyyyyyyy..... I know it's not a VW but found on a VW site.(listing says Toyota but they share the same site/lot) only 25 of these made. 1000HP. Really kind of want to take a ride just to go look at it. Cool car...
  5. randomhobo130

    Deal on power stop brakes and pads on Amazon.

    Power Stop K7060 Front Z23 Evolution Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads Power Stop K7059 Front and Rear Z23 Evolution Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads...
  6. randomhobo130

    Probably gonna take some heat for this one...

    So I have a 17 SE 6MT. This is my 4th MT vehicle. I taught myself how to drive stick after I decided to pull the trigger on an 09 Jetta SE years ago. That being said, I never learned how to heel-toe. I've seen a few topics just talking about it which triggered me to ask, is it that much of a...