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  1. snobrdrdan

    New 2022 Ford Maverick

    I would use the term "truck" there VERY loosely with it's 4 foot or whatever bed there I sorta get the appeal, for what it is, but it's barely a truck IMO
  2. snobrdrdan

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Because I can't read
  3. snobrdrdan

    Deserves to be Pinched with That Paint Job

    You mean the camouflage didn't work?
  4. snobrdrdan

    Representing Michigan!

    APR (get it done @ Steve's European Auto in Waterford) Or Unitronic (do it yourself at home with their UniConnect cable)
  5. snobrdrdan

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    They have a release date for 1899?
  6. snobrdrdan

    Could someone identify this part for me?

    You'd have to find a new/used sensor, or fabricate something, as they don't sell it by itself
  7. snobrdrdan

    You know what really grinds my gears...

    I’m assuming you’re referring to ECS Tuning as one of them? if so, they just did that to me. I ordered something “in stock” last week and then the order went to “processed” and then “picking” (from the warehouse) on Monday. Well apparently they got lost in their warehouse as they were...
  8. snobrdrdan

    Found this in my glove box? was probably added when the car was new and the iPhone/iPod was just starting to become a thing for media
  9. snobrdrdan

    Found this in my glove box?

    No. LOL....that's an old/original iPhone cable & probably goes to a MMI interface or something