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  1. Jdl09gti

    FS: Escort Passport Max2

    Selling my Escort Passport Max 2 for $450 shipped. -Original Box, and Everything that came with the detector. -Excellent Condition - no scratches or anything like that. -A LOT OF saves from KA bands in CA and Superior range.
  2. Jdl09gti

    Tire/fitment contemplation

    Right now I'm running 225/40-18 Hankook V12's with VMR V710 8.5in +45 front and +37(8mm spacers :wink:) Lowered on H&R super sports I need new tires and I have my mind set on the Pilot Super sports. I was contemplating if I should just get the same size of pilot super sports (225/40-18) OR...
  3. Jdl09gti

    New Wheels+Photo-shoot dump

    Got some new wheels about a month ago back in February and didn't get a chance to get a photo-shoot going for a while. To be honest, I didn't really see myself working this far into my car (with the tune, wheel fitment etc). I think I have fully achieved my OEM+ set up and I'm really happy with...
  4. Jdl09gti

    FS: OEM 18'' HUFFS

    Located L.A Asking for $300 obo for OEM Huffs ONLY (no TMPS or bolts; OEM caps are included). SPECS: (18x7.5 ET 51. 5x112 Bp. 57.1 CB) Local Pick-up preferred and if you like to work out something else, please PM. Will ship at buyer's expense. 3/4 wheels have some sort of curb rash and NO...
  5. Jdl09gti

    VMR wheel cleaners

    Just bought my new VMR's about a week ago and cannot be more happy with them. Now buying the VMR V710's in hyper silver, I knew I was in for a cleaning challenge with the amount of spokes and hard-to reach areas. After researching a few threads, I conclude that the wheel and tire cleaners are...
  6. Jdl09gti

    Fitment on VMR V710

    I have: STOCK Huffs ET 51. With 12.5mm Rear and 8mm spacers making my ET 38.5 Rear and 43 front on 225/40-18 and H&R Super Sports. Rear 51-12.5 =ET 38.5 Front 51-8=ET 43. In the next month I plan on getting VMR V710 ET 45: My goal is to have a tad more aggressive set up than I have now. So I...
  7. Jdl09gti

    few shots

    I just played around with some shots in HDR. I normally try not to go too aggressive with the detail as I did with these shots but I found it rather interesting to explore a bit. And since Cali just got some rain, I finally got the chance to try the water reflection shot. [
  8. Jdl09gti


    I'm considering spacers for me as an early christmas present this year. And I need your help! I was thinking of going with some ECS spacers with new bolts of course, but not sure which how much mm to go. I'm lowered on H&R Super Sports stock shocks Stock Huffs (18in) Tires: Ventus v12...
  9. Jdl09gti

    CEL flashing

    Today after school I started the car and noticed that my CEL was flashing. And after a few seconds it went away. Shut the engine off and started it again. And there was no CEL flashing. Based on the threads on this forum people claim that it could be (and most likely) Misfire on cylinder, bad...
  10. Jdl09gti

    Minions working on MKV

    I remember something similar on one of my FB likes and thought I'd give it a try bc I was bored. [/url]
  11. Jdl09gti

    CEL P0145?

    So I was just driving around yesterday and my CEL came on. No symptoms of turbo leak or misfires and I tried googling around and found THIS. I also put the code into the forum search but the only thread that popped up didn't seem to help. I recently got APR Stage 1 tune about 2 weeks ago and...
  12. Jdl09gti

    damn, it was out of focus

    So I live near magic mtn and I go on bike rides when I came across a parking lot where the bikers could park and go along. It was very dark w/ no light so I just wanted to take some pics. little did i know when I got home, the pics where out of focus except the background. I guess i was just so...
  13. Jdl09gti

    Exhaust Questions

    So when this semester is over, one of the first things I plan on doing is getting a cat-back exhaust... Specifically Eurojet or Magnaflow. Still debating. I just have a few things in my mind that need clearing up. Will the cat-back exhaust cause any CEL or Check Engine lights to go off? I'm...
  14. Jdl09gti

    So this is how it feels like....

    To get your first major upgrade in the mail. Yep. I just got them and here are some pictures: Like I mentioned above, this is my very first major upgrade (at least to me it is) I've ever done and I'm happy how everything turned out. ECS was able to ship mine very fast and customer...
  15. Jdl09gti

    If anyone is still interested

    I know I"ve been wanting this part for a long time and stumbled upon it. Should I pull the trigger? (
  16. Jdl09gti

    Lowering Advisement plz :)

    So I think its time that I lower my car. I was thinking about just getting lowering springs with the $$ I have and don't want to spend that much. So I was thinking about just buying some E-bay ones OR ECS tuning (whichever has the appropriate price and specifications I need) and going to my...
  17. Jdl09gti

    Footwell Lights (Red tint! and pictures!)

    I was bored today and stumbled upon a thread from the Mk VI forums and why not give it a try? What I did was some sort a red tint on the lights and simply tape it and baaam! you got your self red footwell lights. As for the heat of the light, I read from the forums that it "should" be fine. I...
  18. Jdl09gti

    Quick questions

    Not an expert in electrical/wiring so... Do I need an After-market head unit when getting a a new Sub? And I need advice when it comes to wattage. I don't want too much or too little; I just want something that is "right" that will go nicely with the Premium 7 sound in the GTI (Not sure, but...
  19. Jdl09gti

    Am I getting a good tire deal?

    Well I'm getting to a point where my tires REALLY need to be changed for the first time at 48K miles. And I went to one of my local tire shops and got quoted for some tires. I told them nothing to fancy due to this economy, it is really important that I don't spend too much now a days. So I told...
  20. Jdl09gti

    Dope as F*** License plate frame

    .... Where can I buy it? I've seen it on some GTI's and I want one!! haha where do you guys get them? I've tried searching for it but no luck. :mad: I was wondering if anyone can help me find one. I tried the WFSU website but its SOLD OUT. :frown: and E-bay, no luck. Any help would be appreciated.