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  1. USCTrojan619

    DSG vs 6 Speed

    I've been reading different reasons why people have chosen to buy GTIs, and mostly what I've read is performance for a 4-banger, and fun-to-driveability. When I hear those things, I don't necessarily think of a car with automatic transmission. Granted it's DSG, I'd still think that a 6 speed...
  2. USCTrojan619

    How RELIABLE is a GTI?

    Prospective Dubber. . .wanting to know just how reliable a GTI would be. I've heard some of my fellow truckers that I was wanting to trade-in my Frontier for a GTI, and a few of them talked about reliability issues. I just got finished reading a thread on A/C systems crapping out and was...
  3. USCTrojan619

    CA Residents -- Registration, License, Title

    I'm planning on leasing a GTi in the future, and I was wondering how this portion of the deal worked out. As far as I know, the license and title are paid upfront upon signing, but the registration has to be done at the DMV. Is this correct? And can I use this New Vehicle Registration...
  4. USCTrojan619

    GTI Out Of Reach -- DAMN!!!

    Well, shit. I guess my GTI dream is over so quickly. . .almost before it even began! :thumbdown: I guess I didn't realize just how low dealers are willing to give me for my truck. Because of that, the out of pocket expense to get a GTI is way too much at this point in time. My best bet is...
  5. USCTrojan619

    Differences Between '06 '07 '08 GTIs

    I understand that the "new" GTI look started in '06, but I was wondering what the subtle differences are between each year.
  6. USCTrojan619

    Lease - What fees are due at signing?

    I have never leased a vehicle before, and right now, since I'll more likely be a little backward on my truck loan, I want to know ALL the fees I'll be responsible for paying, i.e. the lease inception or drive out fees. I'm located in CA and the lease will be through VW Credit. First month's...
  7. USCTrojan619

    Sunroof OR 18" Hufs???

    What's up everyone! I'm looking to lease a MkV really, really soon. According to what the going price for a UG GTI goes for in my area, I can choose either a sunroof or 18" Hufs, and still remain right around the same going price. I'm a sucker for sunroofs, although I think most on here will...