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    VW Credit: Simple Interest loan or rule of 78?

    It has been several years since I financed a car and some friends were telling me a lot of car loans are now using the rule of 78 method where paying off the loan early ends up costing you more than paying the minimum payment each month. Does VW credit use this method or are their auto loans...
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    Wish me luck,attempting to buy a R32 this weekend

    I took tomorrow off and I am going to be running around trying to buy a UG R32 without navigation over the next two days. I am off to a bad start with internet sales though so far. Dealer A came back with 30640,$3000 off MSRP, this is the dealer I would prefer to buy from. They quoted 2.9 for...
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    Anyone else have a problem deciding on color?

    I think I have finally made my mind up on getting the R32, assuming no surprise 25th AE announcement this week in NY. My biggest dilemma now is color. I think I am passing on navigation. While the ipod adapter would be nice even as poor as it is, it just seems a waste unless they offer me a deal...
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    2009 GTI may come with 30th Edition engine

    Next year, Volkswagen will make this 227-hp engine standard in the GTI and the case for not buying one even weaker. -Edmunds .com An interesting read but I like how they slipped that in there. I wonder whether this will come true. Didn't the MKIV get a bump in power towards the end of its model...
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    Foolish to wait to see if we get a 25th edition?

    Hey guys I currently drive a 2004 PG 1.8T GLI and I have been debating on trading in for a 4 door GTI or possibly new GLI. After reading about the 30th AE with the bump in power, am I foolish to wait? Based off pass AE releases, does anyone know when word usually starts to leak on when or if we...