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    Retarded white kids host "Catch an Illegal Immigrant"

    This forum is full of fukin idiots.
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    photoshop request

    If someone would be so kind to waste their valuable time on helping me decide which wheels I might buy, by helping me see how it might look, I would proudly be your cyber bitch for 2 days. thanks. :biggrin: wheels are the new BBS SR ]
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    12v relocation?

    So I usually always have my cellphone charger plugged into the 12v socket, so that means the little cover is always open. I don't like the look of it. I was wondering if anyone has relocated the 12v socket anywhere, maybe inside the armrest? If anyone has a link to a DIY that would be great. I...
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    new tires/alignment now shaking?

    so i got new tires on my huffs, oem size 225/40/18, and an alignment aswell, now when i drive above 60mph the steering wheel shakes a bit and it feels like the lug nuts are not tight or the wheel was not balanced corrrectly. i feel it coming from the back of the car, below 60mph the car/tires...
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    your opinions on fitment

    I have a 4 door gti. On koni coils all the way down with everything still in. Do you guys think a 17x7 et35 wheel with 205/45/17 will look good? I'm asking cuz I need new tires for my huffs but I have these extra wheels and was wondering if they'll look good? Wheels are amg aeros. Thanks.
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    pic request & bolt/spacer question

    Disgregard title Does anyone know where I can buy extended lug locks? Where I would need a key for atleast 1 on each wheel. Thanks.
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    Almost 2000whp out of 4 Cylinders

    hope they make 20 piston brakes to stop that thing
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    anyone buy from wrdusa?

    I'm just looking for feedback from anyone who has bought from them . They have a good price on a set of coiloversis why I'm asking. Thanks.
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    who has bought from them.? i never heard of them until recently, any feedback?
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    Fk vs Raceland

    im in between two coilovers, the FK highsports and Raceland ultimos. i am only looking to remove wheel gap, not trying to be slammed, i am more concerned with ride quality because i know i wont be slammed. i would like some input on people who have had BOTH, which did you think had better ride...
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    Fiesta ST, now its a party.

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    Satellite radio issues

    so i have the premium 7 radio on my 2009 gti. i bought this car used in march and since then it has had satellite radio working. today i was driving and listening the the SAT radio and it suddenly stopped working. im not sure if i have to pay for a subscription or what? any feedback would be...
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    Front wipers not working

    Hey everyone. So I have a 2009 gti and recently I installed an amp and a sub. The only things I touched were the door speakers/battery/and rear cig lighter. And now my front wipers don't work. The spray does work though. I do not know if my rear wiper works because I did the rear wiper delete. I...
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    so i got a new camera, still learning

    let me know how i can improve! :thumbup:
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    stage 1 question

    Hey everyone. I have a 2009 gti with the TSI engine with 55k miles. 100% stock I want to get apr stage 1 but I want to know if there are any problems I should worry about and should fix before I get stage 1. And I drive this car alot, its my DD so I need to be sure its reliable. Thanks.