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  1. Chogokin

    Any here into retro gaming?

    I randomly came across this on Amazon. Its a third party system that has hundreds of games on there. Arcade, GB, GBA, NES, SNES. This had got to be the best system I've come across. Not sure how this is "legal"...but its got just about every game I've liked from back in the day across multiple...
  2. Chogokin

    Lego GTI TCR racecar I'd buy😮
  3. Chogokin

    "Volkswagen to cease all motorsport operations"

    Looks like they are going all in on electric vehicles,
  4. Chogokin

    Car and Driver "G.O.A.T."

    The Mk1 and Mk7 GTI made the list in the 80's and 2010's.
  5. Chogokin

    "EPA Fines Tuning Company $300,000" This is for a company that sells tunes for diesel vehicles...wonder how...or if it'll affect other companies that sells tunes for engines. I know Burger got popped for...
  6. Chogokin

    Twin engine Mk3

  7. Chogokin

    VW "Enthusiast" Fleet Then denies warranty because of mods.:D:rolleyes: