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  1. ik1015

    Ohlins Damper | Raxels

    OBO, bump
  2. ik1015

    Ohlins Damper | Raxels

  3. ik1015

    Ohlins Damper | Raxels

    Ohlins Damper is used around 45K miles and Raxles is roughly 15k miles. Package may be able to shipped out only on Friday (or Saturday). - Ohlins Damper w/ adjustable 20 damper setting $950 + shipping & paypal fee, OBO. only missing dust boot for rear shock. - Raxles: CV Axles $300 + shipping &...
  4. ik1015

    [FS] Part sale-mount, vcds micro-can, etc

    [FS] Parts sale Price is included shipping(Continental United States only) and PP fee. - Micro Can - Sold - Torque solution engine mount |trans.mount / no hardware / Sold - OEM roof base bar Sold - OEM LED tail light w/ rear fog+Euro switch+plug and play connector & triger wire $275 OBO plug...
  5. ik1015

    MKV Dual Exhaust

    My favorites! porsche exhaust tip touareg exhaust tip
  6. ik1015

    Help to find part#

    Hi, I cracked this black hose on 09 TSI. Can expert help me find this part? What is this hose for? part# and how to replace? Thanks for your help!
  7. ik1015

    Rear camber not moving

    Rear upper control arm (camber) is not moving while turning eccentric bolt. What should I replace or inspect? replace only Eccentric bolt or else. Easy DIY to replace them and appreciate for any tips! Thanks for help!
  8. ik1015

    ABS/Traction Control Issue

    Attached dealer invoice for replacing module.
  9. ik1015

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Mount 235/40/18 Potenza RE760 Sport.
  10. ik1015

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    You're right. when I bought them, center was titanium anodized and polished lips.
  11. ik1015

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Tired to polish them. Freshly powder coated to forged charcoal, lips are 50% gloss and centers are satin and reassembled.
  12. ik1015

    MKVI dogbone mount will not fit

    As I knew, FSI won't, but MK5 TSI.
  13. ik1015

    New wheel studs and nuts

  14. ik1015

    WTF? Is this normal?

    Install upside down? clunking and binding are common problems w/ progressive spring.
  15. ik1015

    New wheel studs and nuts

    Back to sale again. Previous buyer only needed lug nuts, but I didn't want part out, so he bought studs and nut. However, he thought lug nuts were not correct size(R14?), so I refund $. I contacted motorsport hardware to confirm nut size and they said lug nuts are R13 and 17mm hex. I paid $110...
  16. ik1015

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Ohlins+Euro Linear Eibach sportline.:biggrin:
  17. ik1015

    what did you do to your mkv today?

    Ordered UK/Euro Eibach sportline from UK. Plan to replace H&R supersport to Eibach (linear spring) in Ohlins strut. :happyanim:
  18. ik1015

    DIY: Amber Singals

    ^I had that before and no fitting problem. However, do not expect huge different b/w led and 916 bulb.