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    Mighty Car Mods

    Hey guys, Heco94 here, just letting you guys know about a group of people called Mighty Car Mods. They do backyard modifications to their cars, some silly and some very helpful. They are pretty cool guys, there are only two that are usually filmed (Marty and MOOG) but it all wouldn't happen...
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    What are the Pros ,and Cons of coil overs?

    I was wondering whats so great about loweeing the car and whats bad about it? posted w/my phone
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    Do seats reduce body roll?

    For example if someone were to switch the stock rabbit ( mk5 ) seat for a mk5 gti seat would that reduce body roll of the person? Also would a mk4 R32 seat fit in a mk5 Rabbit? ( just a random question ) How/what is the measurment of the area in between the center console and the drivers door?
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    Is a spring DIY worth it?

    I've been wondering that .. I've come to the decision that it isn't the risk is to high I have no mechanical expirence ,and the risk of me destorying something and having to pay twice as much as it takes for a VW mechanice to install the springs Does anyone know how much it costs for Vw to...
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    Windy Roads in central New York?

    I'm looking for some nice old fashion windy road's I know there hard to find but I was interested if people knew if there were any windy roads in the central new york area of utica, rome,whitesburo,frankfort around there in like a 50mile radius.. :help: I can't find one anywhere I found a...
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    SPRINGS VS SWAY BAR? Which to do!?

    :readthethread: Well I'm new to the VDub Modding stuff ,and modifying your car in general. I'm looking to improve the handling on a MK5 Rabbit. On my other threads I've asked about braking and springs and I've gotten my answers but now after that I'm reevaluating my modding choices .. I was...
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    Springs Question!!

    I'm looking at getting Eibach Pro-Kit springs .. some one told me that my ride will be bounce -.- and on this forum there's a springs FAQ thing that say's it stiffens my ride 15% which is true .. Also has anyone ever used eibach pro's and are they good. do you corner better than stock? ( the...
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    What will give me optimal braking power?

    I'm looking to buy some pads and or rotors not a brake kit just pads and maybe rotors .. They will be use to drive daily for the next few years( the car will be long term 5-7years ) with minimal track use (an autocross here and there obo. 3 a year with one EVO driving school a year with a...
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    DIY at home tune? Could use some help!

    :readthethread: Well I was searching around for parts ( I'm a guy that likes his car to handle and I don't usually search performance parts ) and found this .. performance chip reflash tuning thing sorry if I sound stupid but I never looked and researched tuning or chipping I was wondering if...
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    Will this make a significant upgrade?

    this is for a mk5 Rabbit 2.5L I'm looking to see what you guy's think of these parts ( Experiences and problems you've had not just problems It would be nice to know how they stack up against others) ..and If they'll make a significant/noticeable difference .. I'm looking to do a brake...
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    Cam Follower?

    :readthethread: Does any one have a link or something? I really need one looking to buy a mk5 ,but first want to learn how to change one of these I've looked all over can't find anything. :iono: This will help a lot! Thanks in advance! :smile:
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    Im looking to buy a Vw rabbit as my first car should I will it last 5-6yrs?

    :23: well im turning 16 and looking for a car I am looking at the Vw rabbit from 07-08 what problems have people had with it what things go like the cam follower in the mk5 gti? what should i replace im looking to aftermarket this car Yes i know its slow idc i love the golfs and dont need...
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    Is the mk5 gti good quality will i be able to drive it for 5-6 years?

    :readthethread: Im planning to buy a mk5 gti for my first car and i have to drive it 5years minimum i'd love to drive it 6 but will it handle that i live .4 of a mile away from my school i work .5 of a mile away from my house as well my school is about a mile away from my work and my house is...
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    Hi, i was thinking of buying a mk5 gti should I?

    :readthethread: Im thinking bout' buying the mk5 gti I really like the interior and its great all round' but theres a problem :mad0259: I want to mod my car but I have no clue on installing an intercooler is the a how to step by step sort of thing out there some one can send me a link to i'd...