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    CEL - P2181

    Car threw a P2181 CEL the other day... from reading other threads it looks like I'll need to replace the thermostat. The cars at 90,500 miles. Sucks because I was just about to get the timing belt done and now this happens. What are people currently paying at shops for thermostat replacement?
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    Car Broke Down Today

    So unfortunately the GTI broke down on me today... for the past week it's been idling a little rough on cold starts, but only sometimes. I don't think it was misfiring but the boost gauge would fluctuate going up and down for about 30 seconds and then eventually it would smooth out. I was...
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    Invisible Valve Stem Kit

    Just wanted to warn anyone thinking about getting these..DO NOT buy these GARBAGE valve stems! They make filling your tires a complete pain in the ass and THEY LEAK. I put them on last summer and I had to check my tire pressure and fill them up almost weekly. Now today I went to check the...
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    Rear Sway Bar Bracket Bolts - Help!

    I don't like making threads for this stuff but its kind of urgent. I was installing an H&R RSB and somehow I managed to bend one of the bolts that connect the bracket to the frame. Where can I buy another one?!? I had to drive home with only 3 of the 4 bolts. Help! I found this kit on ECS but I...
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    Bad Wheel Bearing

    Car is at 78,500 miles. I'm starting to hear a bit of moaning/humming noise coming from the front at 40mph+. When I sway the car from side to side the sound changes so I think its the wheel bearing, but I haven't had a chance to jack it up and check for play yet. I guess this could be one of the...
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    Tinted Windshield?

    So my car has a 35% tint. I'm thinking about getting my windshield tinted in 50%. How much of a difference do you think this will actually make, has anyone done it? Would it make my 35% look a tad darker in direct sunlight, or no noticeable difference at all?
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    WTB: Stock jack

    Had a bit of an accident with my stock jack and bent the crap out of it. If anyone is parting out their car, I'll take the OEM jack. :)
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    Rev D failure?

    So I finally got a chance to install the GFB DV+ kit and when I pulled out my Rev D here is what it looked like. It's only been installed for 6-7K miles. I figured this might be the cause of my boost gauge going up and down like crazy during WOT. I swapped the internals with the GFB kit and the...
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    Auto dimming mirrors

    Why couldn't VW include auto dimming mirrors on these cars??? It's so annoying when some stupid truck pulls up 2'' from your bumper with their lights shinning right into your mirrors. Does anyone know if they are available aftermarket? Does anyone have them in their MKV?
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    APR HPFP and H&R RSB. PM me! :)
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    Hotchkis 27mm RSB

    I'm selling a brand new, never used, Hotchkis 27mm RSB (same one as APR). I'm selling it because I've decided to go a different route.. SOLD .
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    New Wheel Pics

    I finally installed the Miro 111's. I figured its a perfect time to whore some pics :biggrin:. They're iPhone pics so the quality is meh, but its the only camera I own. All four wheels are 18x8.5 et45 with Hankook v12 235/40/18 tires, no spacers.
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    Wheels in winter

    How many people on here keep their aftermarket wheels on year round in snowy states? I have a set of miro 111's but I still need tires. I probably won't have the cash for tires for another month or so and then summer is basically over :frown:. I don't want to wait until spring that's too long...
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    How do you know if you have TPMS?

    As title states, how do I know if I have TPMS or not? I just bought a set of Miro 111's and want to know if I need to install the sensors or not. I have a 2007 model and I don't have the tire pressure button next to the traction control button... does this mean I don't have it?
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    DSG - How long does it take to adapt?

    When I first flashed my car to stage 1 the shifts were kind of rough at WOT for the first 1200 miles. I put in a full pendulum mount 400 miles ago and that helped smooth things out a bit. But over the past week my shifts have become noticeably smoother, even smoother than I remember stock being...
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    Anyone run 235/40/18 on 18x8.5 w/ +45 offset? Will this setup rub on H&R Sport Springs (1.3-1.5'' drop). I rather get 235's than 225s because the roads here are shit and I think the 235's would be softer on potholes. Would all I need to do is the fender screw mod?
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    Eurosport Downpipe Does anyone have experience with these? Whats the cell count?
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    P0299 - Underboost

    I did a lot of searching on this code already but would like some input from you guys. So, I installed the BSH pendulum mount today... its definitely a little smoother and wheel hop is reduced but I still think this mod is overrated IMO... or I was expecting too much. I really didn't notice any...
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    What size is this? - Need quick answer!

    The bolt that holds down my intake and intake tray got loose and fell out and now my intake is flopping all around. Does anyone know what size bolt is needed for this? I wanna find out quick so I can run to the hardware store, I don't like driving around with it like this. I already emailed CTS...
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    FS: 15'' Audiopulse Revo

    I have a 15'' Audiopulse Revo for sale. This is an amazing sub and will do very well with 1200wrms and up(rated for 1500). I've gone through a lot of different systems and this is the only one I kept for 5+ years.. awesome, awesome sub. You will need a box with with at least 3.5 cubes or up @...