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    WTB: quad lower rear bumper for MkV!!!

    Hello - I am trying to locate a US SPEC lower rear bumper for my sons MkV Rabbit to convert to quad exhaust or even dual at this point. I am having the toughest time finding a US spec one, I can find Euro lowers all day long - nice ones too - but no US Spec (small license plate) lowers. Has...
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    mk5 canbus led signals? anyone have them?

    looking to change my sons 07 rabbit front turn signals to led. I do NOT have access to vag com, looking for a true plug/play incandescent to LED solution for the front signals in OEM ecode halogen rabbit headlights. I searched the DIY and technical, can't believe this hasn't been researched...
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    jacksonville fl dubbers - need help new dub owner here - bought one for my oldest son. been researching the hell out of this forum - I need to disable my drls. i need to disable the drl's so I can swap to some depo gti projector headlights. the drl's got to go. looks like the only way to...