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    Gonna be a good year.

    Here's a recent one. Air going on soon.
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    Red leaves, red car

    Here's another roller shot from the same day from my other friend Oliver! UPDATE: Here's a roller to start off the day! And another... Got together with a couple of new friends in my area and did a little photo shoot of my car! Luckily for me, my friend Anthony Sundell is a very talented...
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    New chit for me

    Removed my tint and got around to pickin' up some new tails.
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    Same Sh*t, Different Toilet

    Nothing really new here, but just reminding everyone I'm still here :smoking: ... will post a couple more photos tomorrow when I come around to editing them
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    Blackey & Whitey

    Don't really have much black and white edits of my car, but I liked this one from leaving work the other day. :thumbsup: Anyone goin to import alliance next weekend?
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    Spacer question

    Okay, so I'm not too knowledgable on spacers. I am currently running some merc monoblocks reps I picked up a while ago, and I wanna throw on some spacers just on the rears. 5 - 8mm. Do I go for the spacers for VWs/Audi or Mercedes? And what about this hubcentric stuff? Thanks in advance
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    Had these pics for awhile, just got to putting them up on here. :thumbsup: Last weekend a freak ass hail storm hit Louisville and I was out of town, so the whip is in the shop trying to get fixed... Will keep you all updated, but don't think she will look like this ever again. F*ck golfball...
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    Dose of Dopeness

    Here's one shot from a random cemetery I came across in town the other day. I'm no professional photographer, but lemme know whatchu all think! :thumbsup:
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    Stupid Quick Question

    Hows it going guys and gals, Quick one for yah: I currently am rocking some 18x8 et 35 all around and I am wanting to throw some some spacers on. (a 5mm or less) Question is, would i need to buy some extended lugs in order to make them work? Again, Sorry for the the stupid question. Just didn't...
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    Was bored and did a lil practice with the camera, and thought I would share with you all. :yikes: Thanks and good day.
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    Ol' Girl

    Got a fat ol' asssss...
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    Get left or Get right.

    my "just one." Thanks. :thumbsup:
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    Nothin' too special...

    But it's been a while since I have shot some pictures and shared with you all! Been very broke with school and everything lately so there hasn't been too much changed on her... :thumbsup:
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    but, a goodie. I'm soooo ready for the summer, don't know about you guys! Cheers :thumbup: The grill is now chrome btw, will shoot some more photos when it gets a tad warmer out!
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    The Situation

    The new trunk setup: Thanks! :thumbsup:
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    At school in Louisville, I love this city. This is the garage where she sleeps at night... :thumbsup:
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    Dat New New

    New wheels/stance was finished by the beginning of summer, but now just got to snappin' some quick shots of it! :thumbsup: Thanks I have new Caps on them now and i'm in a new city, so new pictures will be up soon!
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    Simple As

    Was quite bored, so took a quick shot. The car is goin' in the shop next week for some new goodies... :rolleyes:
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    Pretty fall day

    Was extra bored today and decided to do a couple point and shoots before the winter comes and thought this praying mantis was kinda cool lol :)
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    Scribble Jam

    Took some shots with a couple of buddies at the local tag spot :thumbup: hope you enjoy :smile: Just a couple of my favorites, it was tough workin with the sunlight lol