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  1. iwannagofast

    Complete part out K04 2009 GTI - Blown Engine

    Update 11/12 car has been junked! Refer to my VWVortex thread for leftover parts: Hey guys, I'm the only owner of this 2008.5 6MT GTI. I killed the engine over the weekend while driving spiritedly...
  2. iwannagofast

    Happy 200K miles!

    My 2008.5 MKV just passed 200K miles. It's been quite a journey and I'm pretty confident that no-one will ever own this car other than me. I've been tuned since 10k miles, stage 2 since 20k miles and K04 since 71k miles. I would say that mechanically my car has been pristine, but due to...
  3. iwannagofast

    MKV GTI Clutch Noise Diagnosis Needed (video)

    Hey guys, take a look at the video I made of the clutch noise. I think it's the throwout/clutch release bearing, but I'm no mechanic, so I need some input. My2TnCHBt8I The noise started when driving a bit spiritedly this morning. It initially was pretty quiet and only really noisy in 4th...
  4. iwannagofast

    To buy or not to buy BT WRX?

    I have the opportunity to buy my cousin's EFR twin-scroll 2009 WRX off of him. It has a fully built engine and transmission capable of handling much, much, much more power. Currently, on pump gas and it's daily driver tune, it's sitting at 430whp, 430wtq. On race gas and an aggressive tune...
  5. iwannagofast

    K04 GTI vs. EFR WRX (video)

    While driving to the beach, my cousin and I got several good runs in. Each time I hit it when I started to hear his turbo spool since we couldn't really hear the honks over his exhaust. He was babying it, shifting slowly and at 6K rpms. He has a fully built engine and transmission, I'm...
  6. iwannagofast

    Misfires and check engine lights.

    Hey guys, just some background. I have 122,XXX miles on my GTI and about 48K miles of being K04'ed, all without a problem. Recently, I got reflashed to APR V3 software and almost immediately got a lean fuel cel from bank 1 (O2 sensor before the cat). Everytime I clear it, it comes back within...
  7. iwannagofast

    Motortrend First Test: MK7 GTI

    I'm not sure if it's been posted yet, but here it is, Motortrends first test of the MK7 GTI. I don't think it's even going to be close in a comparison test with other cars in its class. I have always...
  8. iwannagofast

    Car got hit, guess how much it will cost to fix.

    My car got backed into while it was sitting in a parking lot by a 16 year old that has had his license for only 2 weeks. His parents want to try and pay out of pocket, but I think it's going to be a lot more expensive than they think. What do you guys think, how much is the estimate going to...
  9. iwannagofast

    Motortrend Tests the MKVII GTI
  10. iwannagofast

    Another K04 TSI dyno.

    Event: Dyno pull Temperature: 65 degrees F Location: JE Import Performance, Baltimore MD Car: 2008.5 GTI, 6MT, TSI Engine Power Modifications: APR K04 Turbo, 42DD Downpipe, Carbonio Stage 1+2 Intake, AWE Turbo Outlet Pipe, Godspeed FMIC, DXD Stage 2 Daily Silent Design Clutch and Flywheel Dyno...
  11. iwannagofast

    GTR vs... small hill?

    Found this browsing the internets and figured this was the appropriate place to post it. sNOJ0R6C88Q
  12. iwannagofast

    Focus ST vs MS3 and WRX? tL_vwSMcnl0 This little gem of a video just came out and decided this must be talked about. In my opinion, even the Mazdaspeed 3 is better looking than this car.
  13. iwannagofast

    Stock foglights and covers

    Payments - I do have a pay-pal account and would suggest that, but I am open for suggestions on payments. Shipping IS included as long as it's within the contiguous US. All prices are OBO and negotiable. I need to get this stuff out of my house. I can take more pictures of everything listed...
  14. iwannagofast

    Stock turbo and other parts from 2008.5 GTI

    First, I have never sold anything online so i'm not sure how this works. I do have a pay-pal account and would suggest that, but I am open for suggestions on payments. Shipping IS included as long as it's within the contiguous US. All prices are OBO and negotiable. I need to get this stuff...
  15. iwannagofast

    K04 GTI vs. S2000 w/ vid

    Since I was visiting family Easter weekend, my cousin and I got a chance to take the cars out. He kept it on the low boost settings for me, needless to say, he still killed me. Video from 40ish to it doesn't matter:
  16. iwannagofast

    Who can diagnose this cars problem?

    Specs- 2008.5 GTI, 6MT, 62K miles, APR stage 2 since 40K miles. Was driving the with wide open throttle and all of the sudden the car lost all boost and started lagging real bad. Check engine light started flashing, so I drove it slowly back to my house. Revving the car normally leads to no...
  17. iwannagofast

    Power Steering randomly kicks off...

    As the title says, my power steering randomly decides to stop working. The steering wheel light comes on in the dash (red in color) and i'm stuck with no power steering. If i'm lucky, it will kick back on in a few seconds, but sometimes it will last for a few hours. My guess is there is a...
  18. iwannagofast

    Car won't start...

    I have a 2008.5 GTI. Over the weekend I put on a 42dd downpipe and took it to the shop yesterday to get the APR stage 2 software. Car was a blast to drive all day yesterday. I went to work this morning with no problems and when I went to take my car to get something to eat my car wouldnt...
  19. iwannagofast

    Stage 1 '08.5 GTI vs. Stage 2 '09 WRX

    I posted on here a while ago about me vs. my cousins 2009 WRX. When he was stock and I was APR stage 1 with carbonio intake, I had him by about a car length from a 50-120mph roll. I would pull an immediate car, then just hold it there up til 120. Last week he got a full turboback exhaust...
  20. iwannagofast

    Two questions.

    #1) An emissions light came on the other day. I was like wtf, but noticed my boost gauge had stopped working. I popped the hood and noticed the vacuum line came disconnected from my boost tap. Easy fix, but now the light wont shut off, its been a few days. Is there some other problem or can...