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    moar loww..finally.

    got the coils on over the weekend. front all the way down. couldn't figure out how to adjust rear. i didn't see any threads like the front has. how do you lower the rear?
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    painted bumpers and sideskirts.

    So I searched these forums but couldn't find anything since 2006 and the pics had expired. Has anyone here painted their front, back, and side skirts to match body color? Great alternative to body kit and doesn't drop it any lower just makes it look it. Anyone have pics of this?
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    lightning shot!

    not the best framing because I didn't have my tripod and was having to sit the camera on the ground and raise it up with my iphone and a few lens filters..what do you think?
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    Official Post-Processing Thread

    So I love photoshop and have used it for quite some time now and recently I think I had my best results using it so I thought I'd share before and after of 2 shots from my first shoot of my new GTI. Before: After: Before: After:
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    New GTI Owner

    Just rolled off the lot today in an '06 GTI..I have to say at first I didn't know what to expect because it looked like a "cute" car but WOW. First test drive and I was grinnning from ear to ear. Handling, Acceleration, Exhaust note, etc..everything was awesome! Not sure about mods yet. Don't...