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  1. Treadup

    SpaceX Launch From NC

    Well, viewed from NC. Got a chance to see a SpaceX launch for the first time last night. Pretty amazing sight.
  2. Treadup

    Getaway in Stockholm

    I’m once again fortunate to travel to an awesome place for work. I flew into Stockholm Sweden today and so far it’s awesome. I wanted to start a thread were I share the cars and sites I see here that I find interesting like I did when I was in Finland. A lot of walking around today and I...
  3. Treadup

    Mk8 and other cars I’ve seen in Finland

    I am working in Finland currently and have spotted many mk8 variants. No gti, golf r or clubsport yet. They really are pretty sharp looking. This one was an eTsi. I love the taillights and wheels. The front lights are growing on me. I didn’t want to be rude taking interior shots but I did get a...