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    Wanted: 2.0TFSI head BWA/BPY

    Greetings, I'm looking for a proper BWA/BPY head to buy. I had removed my existing cylinder head to replace bent valves (after a tragic broken timing belt), only to notice that the coolant ports in the head are eroding away where it meets the head-gasket. Does anyone have a stripped head that...
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    Wanted: Completely working 6-speed DSG (Front wheel drive)

    I'm looking for a completely working 6-speed front wheel drive DSG to replace my dead one. If you have one, please let me know the price including shipping to my freight forwarder in West Park, Florida (as I reside in Jamaica).
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    Wanted: F23T FrankenTurbo to buy

    Found: F23T FrankenTurbo to buy I'm currently low on funds right now, but I want a F23T FrankenTurbo to buy for Christmas. Since I'm low on cash, I'm looking for something used, but in good condition (not smoking, or any shaft play). If you have any of these turbos for sale, please let me know...
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    Wanted: HID ballast for MK5 golf GTI or R32

    I'm looking for a HID ballast for MK5 Golf GTI or R32 to purchase as one of mine is dead. This also goes by many other names such as "Headlight range control module" etc. I'm not in agreement with the high prices that I'm seeing online, so I figure one of you may have a working one here that...
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    Wanted: OEM hadlights for MKV GTI

    Greetings, I'm looking for a pair of OEM headlights for my MK5 GTI. I'm looking for the HID model that uses the ballast / igniter for a really good price. I'm trying to resurrect my existing pair due to the insulation on the wiring cracking up and flaking off, but I've decided to just replace...
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    Wanted: BSH blockoff kit for TFSI engine

    I'm looking for a BSH blockoff kit for TFSI engine to buy. My OEM one failed last night leading to rough idle and the engine keeps surging.
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    Want to buy: Aftermarket intake and downpipe

    I'm looking to upgrade my intake and downpipe to ones with less restrictions in flow for my MK5 Golf GTI. I'm on a budget at the moment, so I figured someone ought to have an intake and a downpipe parting with for a good price. I'm particularly interested in MK5s that are being parted out as well.