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  1. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB: Dash cubby, anthracite

    Kinda want a dash cubby. I need the complete kit of course. To match the anthracite interior in my GTI. Have pics and an asking price. Thanks!
  2. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB kinda: OEM projector fogs

    just putting this out there. If you have OEM projector fogs i might be interested and might be able to scrape together some money. I'm in no hurry.
  3. Timpanogos Slim

    Anybody mess around with Firestone or Air Lift helper bags in the back?

    My GTI has Koni FSD dampers and Eibach ProKit springs, which generally i like a lot, but the rear end seems to sag a bit, especially if i have a load in the back. And in general it's just kinda soft. And it's embarrassing when i have 2 passengers and luggage. Lots of rubbing. So yeah, I've...
  4. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB: fsi intercooler

    Busted a bigass hole in the side tank of my original IC today. Hoping to upgrade to s3 or golf r ic, might be interested in godspeed etc. Have pics and an asking price. .:Sent by pneumatic tubes
  5. Timpanogos Slim

    Anyone successfully modify their own R32 or TT-RS LPFP for FWD use?

    I'm curious because my LPFP is on it's way out. I need to buy a new one soon. The R32 pump is about $50 cheaper than the current GTI pump. Unsure on the TT-RS pump. I'm aware that there's a hose to remove and a port to seal. Anyone other than USP do this at home with good results?
  6. Timpanogos Slim

    Uh, what is this bracket that i just found loose on top of my subframe?

    Been a knocking sound on the passenger side front end for some time when going over bumps. Figured it was a loose bolt so i am investigating given relatively good weather. Feeling around near the sway bar bracket (to see if that is loose) i found this sumbitch: Stamped 1k0-423-877a Is this...
  7. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB: Golf R intercooler

    Time for more upgrades. I'm looking for a used Golf R intercooler. Please be aware that I can buy one new for $265 from 1stvwparts, plus about 11 bucks shipping. 1K0145803BP - check it if you don't believe me. Shipping would be to 84097 (Utah)
  8. Timpanogos Slim

    Heads up! Heat shield users - Protect Your O2 Sensor Harness!

    Earlier this week my GTI threw P2196 bank 1 O2 sensor stuck rich. It turned out that the back edge of my heat shield had vibrated it's way through the outer jacket on the bank 1 o2 sensor and just barely through the insulation on one of the wires. You can see the damage here: I took the...
  9. Timpanogos Slim

    Brief DIY / Mini Review - Rennline skid plate for mk5 and mk6

    To start, Rennline didn't pay me to do this. I haven't had any communication with anyone associated with Rennline aside from my invoice and shipping confirmation. I paid full price. I'm just a guy who dailies his car in a harsh environment and I'm tired of breaking the plastic chin plates. I...
  10. Timpanogos Slim

    old ebay dp + new magnaflow cat, P2196?

    I'm gonna start by apologizing for not having autoscan data. I think for some reason my VCDS cable is in my house or in my land cruiser. I can't find it in my car. I'll be ever so pissed if i lost it. I'll try and find my hex+can when i get home. When i bought my car it already had a catless...
  11. Timpanogos Slim

    Anyone tried the Rennline skid plate?

    Fuckin' chin plate broke this morning. I so love kneeling on a wet parking lot so that i can take the screws out and pull the worthless chunks of plastic off so that they don't break anything else and i can continue with my commute. Every fucking winter. Anyway. Clearly i need something more...
  12. Timpanogos Slim

    Mk5 heater core w/ hard lines

    Came with my electric heater core, pull from a 2006 tdi jetta. Looks almost new. Make offer. google and ebay seem to indicate that this core (maybe not the hard lines, but for sure the core) is common to all mk5 and mk6, including A3 and various other audis. There are no bent fins, can take...
  13. Timpanogos Slim

    mini review: eBay 'made in Spain' heated aspherical blind-spot mirror glass

    Last week i suddenly found that i was hurtling through traffic at great speed with no glass in the driver's side mirror. Money is a little tight and OEM mirror glass is not cheap. I went to an auto parts store and got the self-adhesive temporary mirror stuff - only a hair better than nothing...
  14. Timpanogos Slim

    Mirror glass falling off is apparently a thing?

    Last friday i was driving to work in the morning and noticed that the driver's side mirror glass was vibrating. And then i saw it fall right off the heated backing. 80mph on the freeway so what am i gonna do. I got the (terrible) cut-and-stick temporary mirror and ordered some aspherical...
  15. Timpanogos Slim

    FS: BSH TrueSeal intake for FSI, also parts for BOV relocate, etc

    I've returned to stock intake for the winter. And I think i want to try the Volant intake next year. My car came with this BSH TrueSeal installed. I think the original cone filter is pretty much done but I'll include it if you want. I think it would work better with something like an AEM...
  16. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB: oem resonator

    Previous owner of my GTI deleted the resonator. Can't stand the noise. Please provide pics and asking price.
  17. Timpanogos Slim

    WTB: *One* (1) TPMS sensor

    Nevermind bought one on ebay for $15. Some joker did offer me one for $65 tho. .:Sent by pneumatic tubes
  18. Timpanogos Slim

    FS: Premium 7 head unit and Sirius tuner

    I have the Premium 7 head unit (silver buttons) and Sirius tuner out of my '07 GTI out. I'm asking $75 shipped for the HU (CONUS) and $25 for the Sirius tuner. Good condition. No scrapes or dings that i know of. I'll post pics if needed.
  19. Timpanogos Slim

    Crazy idea: euro-switch rear fog position to switch on halogen high-beams?

    I have the HID projector headlights, which means that i have a pair of perfectly good halogen high-beams that are pretty much never used. I know they can be coded to work for flash-to-pass in scenarios where the parking brake is not set, but around here when someone flashes their brights at...