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  1. J

    Teaser of Vag Video

    Hello! This is Teaser of my buddies, I hope you enjoy it! Waiting for the final product!!!!:happyanim:
  2. J

    Help me hunt this bolt! chasis, frame, subframe?

    Today I went to the shop to do some bushings and control arms, when I arrived home I found inside my "doggy" bag of replaced bolts this strange looking bolt. I have the theory it might be waste of another car that got mixed with my stuff, tomorrow I will lift my car searching for any missing...
  3. J

    Help me identify a hose please!

    Hello!, today checking my engine I noticed, what I guess is a fuel hose with 2 cuts about to die! I searched on Etka with no luck, cannot find any part number! I attach a Pic stolen of Inet with the hose circled in yellow, it has white marks! Info is appreciated! :bow:
  4. J

    KMD HPFP nightmare

    As the title says, it was a freakin nightmare, I have an 07 GLI TFSI with K04 turbo (thanks to staulkor post K04 time). Because I was a cheap bastard I bought KMD HPFP mod, which became my worst choice. I had my car build up on May, everything fine until one week ago. I noticed my idle was very...