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    FS: MKV Rear Shelf and 36mm oil Filter Fousing Socket

    Rear Shelf is brand new, never used, comes with all the liners intact. $25 Socket $10 San Diego pick up only please. Cash or Paypal only Don't seem to be able to post pictures. Please send me your email and I'll send them to you. Thanks
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    WTB Jun BL Cat Back Exhaust

    ...possibly unused. Thank you
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    It includes spare brass and plastic fittings, drain valve, mounting bracket and some hose. Going back to stock to sell the car. You'll need a block off plate but there are some for sale here on this forum. Completely clean with filtering media replaced. $80 shipped in Continental USA
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    Colder plugs...

    I've searched but could not find much. What are the benefits of a colder plug? I live in SoCal and it is time for new plugs. Thanks for the help.
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    Dealership's engine oil...

    Does anybody know what kind /brand of engine oil do the dealerships use? I've received a free oil change coupon from VW, so I was wondering... Thank you
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    2006 MKV Battery Box/Holder...

    Anybody know of a nice looking aluminum battery box to replace that crappy, warped stock one? Tx
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    AUDI Engine Cover question...PLEASE!!

    Can someone with an Audi engine cover on their MKV post a pic of the engine's mounting points please? I am told I need two Audi brackets and two ball mounts but I am pretty sure the only bracket to be replaced with an Audi one is the one under the oil filler. The one next to the fuel pump...
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    EVOM Engine Cover with P-Flow...

    Are there any modification necessary to the Evom engine cover in order to fit it with a P-flow intake? I read somewhere that it has to be "slightly" modified... How does it mount to the engine. Thanks for the help.
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    KMD Tuning Subframe tress Bars

    Has anyone installed them in their cars? Opinions please? thank you
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    A4 Audi Engine Cover HELP..The Sequel...

    OK guys, read and re-read the DIY kindly provided by some of you. Assuming that the left (facing the engine) side of the cover will slide under my EJ noise pipe (which I doubt as the stock noise pipe sits somewhat higher that the EJ), there is still the problem of the catch can hoses running...
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    A4 Audi Engine Cover HELP!

    Is there any rocket science to this mod? I got a A4 Audi engine cover (along with missing rubber grommets) from one of you guys on this forum and the appropriate brackets from the Audi dealership here in SD. $115 later I don't think this thing is going to fit unless I get rid of my EJ noise...
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    First generation BSH Catch can Fittings

    Anybody knows where I can find brass fittings for the BSH catch can and plate? I don't trust those plastic ones. I take the plumbing off fairly often for various reasons and sooner or later they are going to snap. I scoured the Net with no luck. I seem to remember they are 5/8". Thanks in advance.
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    Engine Cover Braket Removal HELP!!!

    I am trying to remove the engine cover bracket in front and below the oil filler cap. The bolt securing this bracket is impossible to reach as it right where the plastic manifold meets the engine block. I tried the long screw driver DIY but it did not work for me, the bolt is set in concrete...
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    WTB AUDI B7/A4 Engine Cover

    See pic.
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    Engine cover Audi B7/A4

    Anybody know wher I could find a used Audi B7/A4 engine cover aside from buying a new one at a dealership? Sick of looking at a naked engine in my MKV. Destroyed my stock one trying to modify it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Spacers and alignment

    I am planning to install 3mm spacers just to fill the gap a litte, nothing drastic. Will I need an alignment after that? Thanks for the help.
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    NUB Spacer Question.

    I assume you install spacers to widen the car's stance, am I correct? Are there any negative issues? I am moderately lowered with PSS9 and I was thinking about the 3mm spacers from ECS. Will alignment be affected? Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you
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    PSS9/APR RSB Questions...

    Please bear with me, I'm a real noob when it comes to suspension. I've had PSS9 installed now for almost two years now and love them. I have recently installed the APR RSB (full soft) and the rear end ride has become really rough even thou on paper it is not supposed to happen. I am having to...
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    Removing FP to check cam follower...

    I am about to undertake the job and I have two questions for you guys and yes I've read the DIY. 1- After releasing the pressure by bleeding the bleeder valve I read that it has to be removed. What's the point of that? The valve is not connected to anything except the FP body so why remove it...
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    APR RSB Mounting...???

    I have rear end of car on ramps. Stock bar came off easily and now I'm trying to mount the APR RSB but I can't slide the f####r past and over the exhaust pipe. I am laying under the car with my head toward the front of the car and I am trying to slide the bar left to right but it hits...