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  1. eliwise

    Leak / maybe transmission leak?

    Had my rear main seal and clutch done last year - also the valve cover / cam bridge cover. That said, I am starting to see fluid on the right side of the engine - near the shifter linkage / below the battery and intake. Nothing leaking that is hitting the ground at all, but just grime / moisture.
  2. eliwise

    Throttle Position Gremlins P0121 PO222

    I am still chasing these gremlins. We have replaced: Throttle Body - New from VW Throttle Rewire - New from VW per the TSB Coils / Plugs / Battery Still goes into limp mode every 50-200 miles or so. Seems intermittent. If I unseat and reseat the plugs is appears to get better for a few weeks...
  3. eliwise

    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Update: Found a partial set from local salvage in Sunland, CA. SoCal. Bought the rest from OfferUp. All good aside from issues with airbag sensor. Gremlins successfully chased down with help of this forum.
  4. eliwise

    Metal Dust / Very fine shavings in ENGINE BAY not OIL

    So this is random. I was checking coolant and windshield fluid today and discovered that engine bay had very, very fine metal dust on the front of the manifold area / throttle body. Almost like fine glitter or metal dust. Never seen this before. Any thoughts? 09 MKV GTI TSI No Codes or other...
  5. eliwise

    Bi-Xenon Headlights replacement

    I just bought a replacement for by Bi-X passenger side from a salvage. Great lens and super clear plastic. Only issue is that the top tab is broken and it seems to angle a little high. Not sure what to do about this issue. I guess it is back to eBay to find a different headlight that doesn’t...
  6. eliwise

    Engine Code: 50217 WTF?

    Getting a weird engine code and can't find much info about it. Anyone seen this before? It clears easily, but comes back about once a month.
  7. eliwise

    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Found them - thanks all.
  8. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Update: I gave up on the vertical height adjuster repair and am going to live with it the way it is. I may buy a different seat at some point and go with that. Only thing left to do is to run power to the lumbar controls but that isn’t a priority.
  9. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    PODS control module swapped out from my previous seat - took about 10 minutes - eliminated the airbag error. Worked flawlessly. I am now working on the vertical height adjuster on the driver seat. The lever only raises the seat 1 1/2 pulls, which is a little low for me. Looks like the exact...
  10. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Thanks man! That was my next thought - to replace the module. I’ll have a look and map the wires. According to the stickers under the seat they are the same year. I am going to try the swap them this weekend to test it out. Might as well give this a shot if the plugs are the same. I’ll document...
  11. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Yeah - I’ll scan it with Carista. Code: 02511 - Control module for seat occupied recognition (J706)
  12. eliwise

    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread -- Part 2

    Cool - I will look! I am definitely interested in the sub if you decide to sell that. I actually picked up the interior this week and installed it. Front and back seat leather. Now I am just chasing an airbag error on the passenger side.
  13. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Front and backs are in. Issues remain: 1. Airbag light on from the passenger side. Tried to clear the code, but no luck it just returns. The odd part is that the plug harness is exactly the same on the new passenger seat as on the old one. It plugged right in. No issues. Still the light and...
  14. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    The plug wires from the seatbelt to the floor are the same color, but the plug was different. Swapping the seatbelt out ultimately placed the same colors into the same plug location if that makes sense. No more airbag light, no codes. I'll grab pictures when I pick up the passenger seat later...
  15. eliwise

    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Thanks, Burger. Appreciate it.
  16. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    So the front seats fit perfectly. The airbag light was on at first because the plug for the seat belt sensor was different. I thought it was the airbag plug - maybe they are the same? I ended up taking the seat belt plug from the old seats and using on the new leather MK6 seat. Worked...
  17. eliwise

    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    To the top - still looking for leather interior. Black.
  18. eliwise


    Thanks - this forum is getting worse for this kind of thing. I’ve responded to a couple of ads recently and then had other people reach out and say “I heard you were looking for...” with the same scam.
  19. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Do you happen to know if the seat heaters are compatible?
  20. eliwise


    I have a set.