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  1. eliwise

    Leak / maybe transmission leak?

    Had my rear main seal and clutch done last year - also the valve cover / cam bridge cover. That said, I am starting to see fluid on the right side of the engine - near the shifter linkage / below the battery and intake. Nothing leaking that is hitting the ground at all, but just grime / moisture.
  2. eliwise

    Throttle Position Gremlins P0121 PO222

    I am still chasing these gremlins. We have replaced: Throttle Body - New from VW Throttle Rewire - New from VW per the TSB Coils / Plugs / Battery Still goes into limp mode every 50-200 miles or so. Seems intermittent. If I unseat and reseat the plugs is appears to get better for a few weeks...
  3. eliwise

    Metal Dust / Very fine shavings in ENGINE BAY not OIL

    So this is random. I was checking coolant and windshield fluid today and discovered that engine bay had very, very fine metal dust on the front of the manifold area / throttle body. Almost like fine glitter or metal dust. Never seen this before. Any thoughts? 09 MKV GTI TSI No Codes or other...
  4. eliwise

    Engine Code: 50217 WTF?

    Getting a weird engine code and can't find much info about it. Anyone seen this before? It clears easily, but comes back about once a month.
  5. eliwise

    WTB: Leather Seats MK5 or MK6 GTI FIT

    Looking for leather seats to replace my plaid ones. Prefer heated. So Cal is ideal, but willing to pay for shipping. Top $ paid.
  6. eliwise

    MK6/7 Seats in MK5??

    Anyone know if MK6 or even MK7 seats fit in the MK5? I know that the seat heater plugs are different, but is it possible to install them?
  7. eliwise

    Need speaker upgrades!

    Looking for recommendations on speaker upgrades for an MKV 2 door GTI. Focal has a nice replacement set, but 699 seems nuts. Alternatively, I could go with Infiniti 6.5 2-way speakers in the back and some kind of split set up in the doors up front. Curious what you guys have tried and if a sub...
  8. eliwise

    Where to buy Miro in SoCal

    Cracked a Miro 111 and need to replace one. 18x8.5 5x120 et35 in / around LA. Any recommendations? I tried contacting Miro and they don't respond or answer the phone. Many thanks.
  9. eliwise

    Anyone replace Miro 111 Center Caps? Got pics?

    I've called Miro a couple times and haven't had any luck finding out if I can replace the center caps with VW branded caps or something similar. Get no response about what size the caps are. Has anyone here replaced them? If so, any sources / info on size?
  10. eliwise

    Affordable / Qualified Shop in LA for Spring Install?

    Picked up Eibach springs and have called 4-5 places in LA to have them installed. Prices quoted so far range from 6-8 hours @ 125-150 / hour. Crazy expensive. I did find a place about an hour south of LA in OC, but was hoping for someplace closer to home. Average LA quotes for installing...
  11. eliwise

    Where around LA can I buy Eibach Pro-kit Springs this weekend?

    Why is it so hard to find a local source for these?
  12. eliwise

    Anyone run Cadiz 19x8 on their MKV?

    I'm considering picking up a set of OEM Cadiz from a 2015 R. They are 19x8, bore 57.1, ET50 so they should fit correctly. I understand from Tire Rack that the Hankook Evo2 225/35/ZR19 will be the correct fit. Anyone have experience with running these on an MKV? Pics and experience would be...
  13. eliwise

    WTB: 18x8 Miro 111 or Similar in SoCal w/ Tires

    withdrawn WTB: 18x8 Miro 111 or Similar in SoCal w/ Tires I've got a stock MKV and am looking for wheels / tires. I just missed a set of Miro's that were posted here and LA Craigslist. Open to anything but stock Huff's. Ideally, Miro 111 or Lagunas. Thanks all