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  1. 4wealn mkv GTI

    MKV GTI Banner

    The original MKV Banner that was up in dealerships when the first MKV's came out (Make Friends with Your Fast). It is about 8 feet by 6 feet in size. It consists of about 20 squares that go together to make the banner. They have a thin sliver of metal on the back so they stick to the magnetic...
  2. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Buying Clutch

    I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is anybody selling the south bend clutches in Canada. I can get it from their website for $1200 US plus shipping, but wanted to get it in Canada. Thanks in advance.
  3. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Clutch Question

    I have about 70,000 km on my 07 GTI, for the past 15,000 I have had clutch slippage while doing 130 km/h on the highway, the rpm's sit at about 3000 and the boost is at 0, when you need to pass someone, the turbo is spooled and the boost gauge flies over to about 24 and the rpms spike quickly...
  4. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Car died today

    Was coming out of my subdivision and shifted into second and gave her gas, just as the turbo was spooling at about 3500 rpm the car lets out a boooosh. The sound a blow off valve makes. The car died and i could not start it. It will turn over but not fire. I was only about .5 mile from home and...
  5. 4wealn mkv GTI

    lost compass

    I was changing a few things with my vag com a week ago and never really noticed that my compass is now gone from the MFD. I have looked and looked and cannot find any listing for it through the software from ross tech. Does anybody have a clue what happened to it and how I can get it back. I...
  6. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Votex Rear

    Anyone in Canada selling a votex rear for a GTI (painted or not), or know of anybody selling one please let me know as I am very interested. Thanks
  7. 4wealn mkv GTI

    2002 Jetta GLI

    2002 Jetta GLI 20V VR6 6-speed std, original owner. Car has 52000 Km. Dealer serviced. Synthetic oil after break in oil. Black exterior with tinted windows, tinted side turn signals, Eibock lowering springs, full R-Line pedal set, mailto:K@N air filter, factory 17" rims (GLI/GTI 5 spoke), comes...
  8. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Fuel Pump DIY?

    Can somebody please post a DIY on the fuel pump removal and install. There was one on here but I heard the guy was banned and all his posts were removed. Just not sure about a few things to releive the pressure before pulling off the fuel line. Thanks in advance.
  9. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Fuel pump comparison

    Just wondering what the difference is between the H pump and the B pump for the 2.0 FSI, and can can you get a B pump upgraded from APR and put it on a GTI that came with an H pump?
  10. 4wealn mkv GTI

    HID Kit

    FS: Philips LVQ 212 HID kit. Includes all the harness and ballasts and bulbs for a direct plug and play into the beetle headlights. Can be adapted to work with Rabbit. $125
  11. 4wealn mkv GTI

    HID Kit

    FS: Philips LVQ 212 HID kit. Includes all the harness and ballasts and bulbs for a direct plug and play into the beetle headlights. Can be adapted to work with Rabbit. $125
  12. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Problem with Forge DV Need Help

    Just installed the new forge DV and what I have noticed that didn't happen before with the factory DV is that when you take off in 1st nearly to 6500 rpm and the shift to 2nd and go heavy on the throttle again there is a 2-3 sec lag and then she takes off like crazy. Also happens during any...
  13. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Need Advice

    As I was driving yesterday, I was at a near stop waiting for the light to change when the guy behind me starts to change lanes as he is approaching me and is looking in the lane he wants to get in and does not see that I am closer to hime than he thought and he hit the rear passenger corner...
  14. 4wealn mkv GTI

    EVOMS Just Installed

    Just got back from the dealership after getting the OY update and re-flshing the APR program to a nice surprise. My Evoms intake had arrived. It was fairly easy to install. Only part that was tedious was to cut the stock engine cover to get it to fit. I have the EVOMS heat shield for the turbo...
  15. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Engine Cover

    Does anybody have a stock engine cover for sale for the MKV, or does anybody know anybody that has one for sale. Very interested in getting a hold of a stock engine cover. Cheers
  16. 4wealn mkv GTI

    What DV to get

    Hey guys, just got my TB APR and APR chip done today. I would like to have a spare DV for when mine goes, as we all know it will. My question is which one. Should I go with the revised "C" or the forge. I am not into the noise so dumping to atmospheric is out of the question. The only one I see...
  17. 4wealn mkv GTI

    MKV owners in London, Ont

    Are there any other MKV GTI or Rabbit owners on this forum from London, Ontario. I see lots from Toronto area. If there are, we should set up meet night.
  18. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Complete Stereo

    COMPLETE TOP OF THE line car audio system. Phoenix Gold M50, MTX 3680, MB Quart 218.02 CX (6.5 and .75 tweeter separates with x-over combo), 2 Kaption pro 12's in custom box, sony 10 disk changer, Orion 1 farad cap, audio control 2XS x-over and epicenter, lots of wiring, distribution blocks...
  19. 4wealn mkv GTI

    FS: Complete stereo system

    I have a complete stereo system for sale. Consists of: Audio Control 2XS crossover Audio Control Epicenter Orion 1 Farad Capacitor Pheonix Gold M50 Amp MTX 2160 Thunder Amp 2 X MB Quart 218.02cx (6.5 mid, .75 tweeter, and crossover) 2 X Kaption Pro 12 Subs Stinger power and ground distribution...
  20. 4wealn mkv GTI

    Which springs to buy?

    Hello all, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 2007 GTI and have started to buy the toys for it before it arrives. My current dilema is I am not sure which lowering springs to go with. My two choices are Eiboch sport springs and H&R sport springs. My sister has a 2002 GLI and we put the...