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    WTB- FMIC, aftermarket rear sway bar

    Looking for a FMIC and rear sway. FMIC brand doesnt matter, looking for solid swaybar. Need shipped to 93730 Also looking for k04 and S3/R injectors
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    FS: Godspeed v2 FMIC (Twin mount)

    Selling the mk5, and have a couple of parts that need to go. FMIC was used around 7k before removal, no contamination, oil seepage, or anything. The hoses were trimmed to fit the mk5/6 and include better hose clamps than were included. Price is $200, without shipping or fees. Please do not...
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    MK5 Part out

    Parting out my mk5, no holds, PayPal me to reserve your part. Custom sub that fits in the driver cubby in the trunk $200 Whiteline ALK installed in OEM LCAs $200 deAutoKey interior LED kit (includes cabin lights, vanity mirrors, and trunk light) $55 Godspeed FMIC rev 2 $220 comes with piping...
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    Looking for tail lights, stock downpipe, possibly catback, and engine cover for FSI
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    Fs: USP and SPM downpipes

    I have a USP catted downpipe for $275 obo Spm inlet pipe, catless midpipe, and a track j pipe for $250 obo Prices do not include shipping. I will update with pics later, or you can text me 55928eight8474
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    FS RCD510 AE

    Excellent condition, comes with radio code and will be shipped and insured for $205. Obo. pics are here on golfmk6
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    Oem Audi Peelers 19in

    Two wheels are pretty curbed. Others have a couple chips, barely visible. Looking for $850 obo. No bends cracks or anything else. see listing on golfmk6 with pics here
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    FS: RCD 510 AE with code

    Excellent condition, comes with radio code. This is the AE revision and will be shipped and insured for $205. Thanks!
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    FS RCD 510 AE

    Great condition, comes with code. $205 shipped OBO, do not lowball!!! 559288eight474 for pics and questions. Thanks
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    Looking for sirius extension cable with farka ASAP

    Need the cable that goes from the rcd 510 and connects to the cable under the pasdenger seat. Looking for it asap. Pm me! Thanks
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    Wtb: 10mm spacers with ball seat lugs

    Let me know what you've got. Need them asap. 10mm 57.1 hub, and ball seats for oem wheels, shipped to 93730. Thanks!
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    WTB: R32 Front brake setup

    Looking for a full kit, but wouldn't mind if lines and pads aren't included. Obviously would prefer lower miles, but lmk what you have. Thanks!
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    WTB: OEM LED tails and Intake

    Looking for OEM led tails and intake, prefer VWR, open to others. Text me at 55928eight8474
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    WTB: Rubber mats and possibly led tails

    Found rubber mats, still looking for tails If you have the OEM led tails, let me know your price shipped to 93730 as well. No reps though My number is 55928eight8474
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    Feeler: 2007 Farenheight GTI low miles

    64k miles, runs beautifully. Exterior is 9/10, interior the same. Feels like a new car, was just polished and waxed, and it washed weekly by hand. Has an rcd 510 head unit and bluetooth mic, and kufatec adaptor to allow for steering wheel controls, and phone control from mfi. Clean title, #761...
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    Just got burned on a sale for H and R ULs, already transferred money and seller promised to ship out this morning, received a text this afternoon and said he had sold them locally... :mad0259: