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  1. EL_3grab

    MQB Platform Suspension Design

    Just to fill the curiosity :drinking:
  2. EL_3grab

    Garmin ecoRoute HD

    GPEwwe1ycuo Your thoughts ?
  3. EL_3grab

    Light, Forged & Cheap !!!

    Motegi TRAKLITE 1.0 17x8 - ET45 Forged 6.8kg = 14,99lb $289.95 per wheel & $200 to re-drill (5x112-14mm) :thumbsup:
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    Voomeran Over Fender Kit

    35mm Wider & ~ $1895 :thumbdown:
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    AST 5300 - 3-Way (True rear Coilover) Volkswagen Golf V part# RAC-V1003S MSRP = $6,499.00 :cry:
  6. EL_3grab

    GTI .. Battery Relocation

    Hi there I'm in the process of relocating the battery to the trunk I wanted to know how the R32 battery is wired, entry exist path in the trunk and engine bay pictures would be great :thumbsup: Thanks Ghanem
  7. EL_3grab

    TC-80N3 Adapter for 300D, 350D, 400XTi, 450XSi

    If you are looking for the best timer available I found a TC-80N3 Adapter for 300D, 350D and 400XTi,450XSi As you know, you can't use the TC-80N3 directly to the above DSLR, you have three options: Slice & tape Modify the whole cable The adapter For 25 Euro, I opted for the...
  8. EL_3grab

    AWE DP PhotoShoots

    Just received my DP from AWE (cat-less). I was little concerned about the 3'inch flex section, but not any more :biggrin: Enjoy the view :wink: Thumbs up to Mr. Michael Romano ( Ghanem
  9. EL_3grab

    My Curve

    This is my stock curve BWA, DSG, Forge IC & Spacer (Full atom.) 2nd gear pull Your thought please :thumbsup: Ghanem
  10. EL_3grab

    VW Self Study Programme

    To the Mkv community :wink: - VW Self Study Programme 308 Direct_Shift_Gearbox_02E Mirror1 Appreciation to cmdrfire Mirror2 Appreciation to Arin - VW Self Study Programme 317 The_Electro-Mechanical_Power_Steering_With_Dual_Pinion Mirror1 Appreciation to cmdrfire Mirror2 Appreciation...
  11. EL_3grab

    Triple resonators, cat-less system

    As the cat-less with the last two resonators are way loud for me, what's your thoughts about triple MagnaFlow resonators with 3inch piping?? I'm using ATP down pipe btw Cheers
  12. EL_3grab

    Yeah Baby

    I LIKE IT A LOT !!! :thumbsup:
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    Is it worth to reposition the 6.5" woofer to the front of the door?? And what do you think about speaker positions in the Golf 5 generally. This will be my first sound system, with the some help of friends. I want great SQ system with the OE look, beside the HU. :thumbsup: CS 365 Profi...
  14. EL_3grab

    Forge FMIC

    As stated in forge web site I'm From UAE, and our GTI's come with "Hot Climate" specifications. In the summer I really can notice the decreased performance while driving, as temperature reaches 45-49 Celsius...
  15. EL_3grab

    My first love

    yup more love than my mkv :biggrin: Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series (FJZ100), L6 , 4.5L (1FZ-FE), IFS, Auto-4 So many plans :thumbup: Regards Ghanem ALShamsi :headbang:
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    Cat-less, Non-resonated, SuperSprint R32 Rear Muffler

    Is that too much for 2.0T (Stage2 Chipped) :smoking:
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    AJ Mk5 ..

    Ma boy :headbang: :headbang: Best wishes .. :thumbsup:
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    My ALL New Avatar !!!!

    Just with the FloOw :biggrin: :biggrin:
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    hello there anyone beside me ?? :smoking:
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    18x8 vs 19x8 All ET35

    Hello there .. Maybe Lowered .. 1'F and 0.6-0.8'R .. (PSS9) .. and 215-225/35-40 shoes Your Thought please ?? (Daily Drive)