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  1. Get-a Trek

    Salsa Red GTI

    Seriously thinking about re-spraying my Tornado Red GTI Salsa Red. The factory paint looks like sh!t. And the color should be called Tomato Red. Looks reddish/orange when the sun hits it just right. Would love for it to be red all the time. Anyone respray theirs yet? Any comments? Just thinking...
  2. Get-a Trek

    GIAC trouble

    Thinking I could drop by the shop and get my GIAC re-flashed, I let the dealership flash my 2006.5 GTI. There were quite a few updates and I figured what the hell. As luck would have it, the shop no longer deals with GIAC. So the search for the nearest GIAC dealer starts out of state. First East...
  3. Get-a Trek

    Oh Snap

    Who took all the 'Oh Snap' Maine tags? Every combination on every type tag was taken except for this one.
  4. Get-a Trek

    TSBs, recalls, warranty items, and other problems

    My 2006 GTI is in the shop while I am typing this. (Illegally I might add) And wouldn't you know it, I'm having a brain cramp. Need to supply a list of things for him to look into and repair. I'm having a brain cramp and can't think straight. Anyone want to help on old fart out? He said the PVC...
  5. Get-a Trek

    2009 GTIs hit the states.

    A friend, who just so happens to be a service writer for VW, thinks he is the first to have a black 2009 GTI. Said there were 2 red and 1 white (or the other way around) also in the states. Anyone able to confirm or deny this claim? He drove my 2006 to his shop to perform all the warranty work...
  6. Get-a Trek

    Where are all the GTI's?

    Living in Maine, the VW popularity is wicked high. I would almost guess 10%. In my 22 mile ride to work (winding back roads) I can see up to 10 MKIII Jetta's. So it is really weird to see more GTI Fahrenheit than actual GTI's. In the 2 years I have owned my TR, I have only see 2 other TR in...
  7. Get-a Trek

    trying to clean the engine up alittle

    Wicked pissah when the engine cover broke. So I threw it away and took some other stuff off. See the butt plug? Wanted to see if it really improved throttle response before I shelled out the cash for the A3 thing. No more sound tube and removed the 710 extension.
  8. Get-a Trek

    dyno disappointment

    GIAC. AWE down tube with 200 cell cat. Eurosport filter/intake. Centrifugal dyno. 3 pulls. 3rd gear only. 204 whp. Seems a tad low to me. Guy told me 4th gear would give the same results or lower since it was a centrifugal dyno. Does all this sound right?
  9. Get-a Trek

    Ayuh. Now I done it.

    Threw some paint on the top of the rig and along the sides of the carbon fiber hood. Need to get a better picture tomorrow. Got the rear suspension on. Just reluctant to start on the front. Serious case of reverse rake.
  10. Get-a Trek

    Definition of "Tuner"

    Went to a local car this weekend. Didn't really fit in anywhere. Everyone but me must have been at Waterfest. All the VWs were air cooled. The closest VW, age wise, was over 30 years older than my MKV. So I moseyed down to the European side. Morris Mini, TR6, etc.... All antiques. So I tried to...
  11. Get-a Trek

    Windsor Maine car show

    Vacationland VW Association is having their 19th annual all VW car show. August 3rd. Windsor Fair Grounds, Windsor Maine.
  12. Get-a Trek

    ? Painting my top black?

    Got a price quote and a date. Been checking out all the photo's, magazines, and internet sites. I can not see how far back people are going with the black. Right to the beginning of the hatch? The top section of the hatch, but not the wing thing? Or even the wing? Leaning towards the top of the...
  13. Get-a Trek

    I've fallen in love with these Hartmann wheels.

    G5 replica. Saving up for them while I'm waiting for a great deal.
  14. Get-a Trek

    Holy Crap!

    Been commuting back and forth in my MKIV GTI VR6. It will get up and go if you push it. Decided to drive the MKV to work after being stored all winter. Turned the traction stuff of and had a blast. :thumbup: Forgot just how much more powerful the chipped 2.0T with a few other goodies is. The VR6...
  15. Get-a Trek

    dead spring coils. up or down?

    Installing H&R sport cup kit. What a PITA. Spring compressor is too long to effectively grab the spring. And if the dead coils (wide spaced coils) are facing down, there is no way to get a spring compressor on them. So my question is, which way does the larger spaced coils go? If they are up...
  16. Get-a Trek

    O.Z. 35th Anniversary

    Would it be sacrilegious to put these on my 2006.5 Tornado Red GTI?
  17. Get-a Trek

    VWVortex GB Weitec Coilovers $799 shipped

    For MKI, MKII, MKIII, and MKIV. But not for the MKV. Maybe if we bombard them with posts, they might reconsider and invite us to their group buy.
  18. Get-a Trek

    MKV Jetta intercooler

    Guy is selling his OEM intercooler from his 2.0T Jetta. $80 Bucks. What do you guys think? Anyone have any experiance, pro's con's?
  19. Get-a Trek

    oil change FYI.

    Bentley states something hard to believe when changing oil in the 2.0T FSI. Remove the filter before draining the oil. "By removing filter element, a valve in base of module is opened that allows oil in filter housing to flow automatically back into crankcase. Changing oil filter first allows...
  20. Get-a Trek

    wildest, silliest, strangest vehicle you've ever owned

    Got to be some winners out there. From a 74 Vega to a 71 Maveric Grabber. But the one I had in Spain takes the cake.