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  1. GruvDOne

    FS 3 BBS Hufs

  2. GruvDOne

    Anyone here know a dubber named Tony Lin from Brooklyn?

    If you do, please advise him that screwing me out of $500 is not going to get him very far in life...
  3. GruvDOne

    WTB - Huffs

    Hey everyone, So last night while driving home from Vegas, a big ass chunk of road rock cracked one of my wheels. So, I need a replacement. I am willing to buy 1 or a whole set if you don't want to break them up. The only real condition I have for buying less than a full set is that I...
  4. GruvDOne

    Holy Disappearing Satellite, Batman!!

    So, ok this is odd... Started up my car the other day, and my radio (MFD2) was on it's FM band. I really almost never go there, as I listen mostly to Sat. "No biggie", I thought and changed it back and listened to my usual stations as I went to a buddy's house, without issue. Some time later...
  5. GruvDOne

    FS Stock GTI Tails... Set and individuals

    Hi all, I have a full set of stock GTI tails for sale. Immaculate condition. Looking for $100 + shipping. SOLD Singles still available I also have 3 individual lights that I will sell separately. I have the L and R inside lights, as well as the L outside light. I am hoping for $25...
  6. GruvDOne

    MkV vs Airplane...

    Just came across this a few minutes ago... Good that no one was hurt, but how freaky is that? One minute your driving along, the next...WHAM.. plane in your grill!!
  7. GruvDOne

    LED Tail light malfunction... Easy fix?

    So, I bought a set of Valeo OEM LED Tails and went down to OEMPL.US yesterday to have them installed. Once they had everything hooked up, wired and coded, they called my back into the bay to check out the problem. The right outside light was working almost backwards. The LED ring was orange when...