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    Scion iM hatchback

    Scion iM anyone? Looks like a bad creation out of SEMA but maybe production model will be toned down enough to look descent.
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    2006 MKV GTI BMP Rear Bumper (OEM)

    I am selling a stock rear BMP bumper from my GTI. I no longer have the car and have no use for this part. Pickup only. I am in NJ little Falls, i also work in Morristown NJ $250 make me an offer. Thanks I also have other stock parts sitting at my house.
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    MKV GTI parts for sale.

    I sold my car. Here are the parts i have no need for. Rear Bumper (2pc) $225 Black Stock (3) Engine Mounts $100 Stock Valve cover/gasket/pcv $115 Stock Oem Discharge Pipe $50 2007 GTI Stock Springs 10k $50 Make me an offer. I do no have my car anymore. Thanks
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    Parts for sale MKV GTI

    Eurojet Re-Route DV Kit $200 Fully open foglight grills. $90 BSH Block off plate only $45 BMP Rear Bumper 2 piece $225 Full oem stock exhasut $150 I do have many oem parts. Just im me an i may have it. I am selling my car. It will be going by Aug. Make me an offer. I may have the...
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    FS. MKV GTI BMP Rear Bumper and TBE.

    I am selling my stock rear bumper and stock tbe. Local pickup only NJ 07424 Bumper is a 2 piece $250 pickup Stock TBE $150 pickup Thanks
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    FS EJ S3 DV Kit

    I am selling the EJ S3 Dv kit. It comes with everything to install. The silicone where the intake and ea pipe meet has a small rip in it. No leaks. $200
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    WTB Used or new mkv oil cap

    Let me know your price. I lost mine wen i took off my oem valve cover and put the ej valve cover on. Thanks
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    I am selling my apr hpfp for 750 plus your stock oem pump. I have the banjo bolt. Local i am in little falls nj. Thanks
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    FS Eurojet Boost Gauge

    150 pick up.Everything to install except boost tap
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    FS. Eurojet Boost Gauge

    Eurojet boost gauge. This is the new one and comes wiht everything ready to install. $150 pickup only. NJ
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    FS. MKV GTI Aftermarket Parts (NJ)

    I am getting rid of my car soon and have parts for sale: Pickup only. Eurojet S3 DV kit. $225 NOW $200 Neuspeed Short Shifter $175 Eurojet Valve Cover and Catch Can (Camo) $500 450 if you give me your oem vavle cover and pcv. Neuspeed intake with 2 filters and intake wrap. 125 75...
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    FS 2007 stock springs 15k on them. Pickup only

    I have 2007 stock spring for sale. $50 pickup. You can make me an offer. I need these gone.
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    Aftermarket Parts for sale/trade

    Hey guys im looking to go back to stock. So i have parts i need to get rid of. Here are the parts i am selling. Most of them i will need your oem parts. Fully open foglight grills. $125 Eurojet Valve Cover/Catch Can(Camo) $350 plus your stock valve cover and pcv. Eurojet S3 DV Kit $200...
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    WTT EJ valve cover and catch can(Camo),neuspeed intake

    I looking to going back to stock. So anyone local with a valve cover,engine cover willing to trade and give some cash let me know. We can swap out parts in a day. Thanks
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    Looking for a free or very cheap RSB

    My neuspeed RSB broke today and im in need for one. I am looking for a stock one if its possible. Thanks
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    Speed Sensors

    Can someone show me where the speed sensors are located on our cars. I think mine is going. Thanks
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    Gets stuck in 2nd gear. MT

    Just recently my 2nd gear would get stuck when im shifting out of it to 3rd. It has been perfect for years. I do have a STG 3 Southbend clutch and flywheel. What can all of a sudden cause this to happen. Speed sensor, linkage system? Please help. Thanks
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    Shifting Problem getting out of 2nd gear

    Just recently this problem started. When i would be in 2nd gear and shift to 3rd it would get stuck and i would have to give it some force to get it out of second. This usually happens when im at a lower RPM or speed. In higher RPM's it fine. What can be causing this problem? Speed Sensor...
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    2006 Mustang GT Oem Parts For Sale

    i have these parts that have been sitting in my garage for a while and all they are doing is collectin dust and taking up space. the prices are for p/u and shipping will be additional. You are more than welcome to make best offer 2006 mustang gt (all stock parts) shaker 500 radio $200 obo...
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    Carfax Report

    Anyone here have a Carfax account that they can run a vin and give the detail behind it? I dont want to pay all the money just to run a vin and get the report. I will pay some cash if anyone has an account. Thanks